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2-Port Mini KVM Switch, USB, Audio, schwarz
CHF 31.60
Manhattan 2-Port Mini KVM Switch, USB, Audio, schwarz

Rating on Manhattan 2-Port Mini KVM Switch, USB, Audio, schwarz.

User Anonymous
2-Port Mini KVM Switch, USB, Audio, schwarz

Happy however with this small and fast working KVM.

Works great :). This is my first KVM.

The only problem, which disturbed me a lot, was that the KVM was not working at the beginning because of the keyboard.

The instructions are really simple:
1) You switch off the computers and plug the screen, mouse and keyboard on the KVM.
2) You plug the two cables of the KVM on each computer.
3) You start the computers and switch with "Ctrl" key. You have to tap 2 times Ctrl.

When the computers are started, if the keyboard and the mouse are not detected, you can unplug them from the KVM and plug them again without restarting. Sometimes Windows cannot detect them.

My problem was that it was not working because I used a Dell keyboard with a Smartcard reader (KB813). I took a basic keyboard (HP KU-1156) and then it works perfectly ! :) :)
I plugged a Dell workstation with Linux Red Hat and a Dell laptop with Windows 7 Pro (Service Pack 1) attached on a docking station. It works with a Dell screen P2412H in 1920x1080.

The switch is really fast. It takes 4 seconds, while I heard that for other brands it can be longer. I always get my keyboard and mouse detected.

The only drawback is that I have a bit of loss for the brightness. Even by increasing the brightness on the screen, it is still a bit darker than before without the KVM.


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