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  • SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC)
  • SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC)
  • SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC)
CHF 129.–
Silverstone SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC)

Rating on Silverstone SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC).

User Anonymous
SST-GD06B Grandia (HTPC)

Good purchase

A great case for a NAS/HTPC combo, no need for two machines, good for a solution of playback and redundancy of files.
Has 2 hot swap bays for 3.5 inch drives which I'm using for a secure and simple mirror solution
It can then hold a ssd for the OS and another 3.5 drive.
I complemented the 5.25 slot using a with 5.25 trayless cage with 2x 2.5 inch drive bays hotswap, so its ready for smaller drives I have laying around or a 2.5 mirror raid and is also holding a slim optical drive allowing to play cd/dvd.
If more storage is need and the motherboard is capable, there is still room on 3 to 4 PCI slots, or around the case with velcro... Using a SFX power will grant more space inside the case.
Using one PCI for a simple HDMI out.


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