• Galaxy Tab S7 (11", 128GB, Mystic Bronze, 4G)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 (11", 128GB, Mystic Bronze, 4G)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 (11", 128GB, Mystic Bronze, 4G)
CHF 709.–
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (11", 128GB, Mystic Bronze, 4G)

Rating on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (11", 128GB, Mystic Bronze, 4G).

User @the_familytraveller Instagram

Best Laptop Replacement. Amazing iPad Pro Alternative (Best for Travelling).

This thing is amazing and this is coming from an Apple fanboy. We have been trying to leave the Apple Ecosystem, but there was just nothing as good as the iPad Pro out there. That was until we tried the Galaxy Tab S7.

We got the Tab S7 4G, 128 from Digitec for 779 CHF. The iPad Pro 11 with 128GB costs 1016 CHF + 149 CHF for then Pen. When you start adding the keyboards, things get even worse. This device looks even more premium than the iPad Pro. I have been a Fanboy all my life, but this device is simple proof that Apple is overpriced.

The Kickstand
For long, I wished for a tablet with a kickstand similar to that of the surface pro but wanted to avoid windows. Now Samsung did it with the Galaxy Book Cover Keyboard. I love that you can separate the Keyboard and the Book cover.

In the past DEX only supported Full HD on many monitors. Now it supports QHD on my LG 4K USB C monitor. It would also support 4K on Samsung monitors. It works so smooth, looks so crisp. I tried several workloads, photo editing in Dex, writing my PhD thesis, doing some video projects. Everything is so smooth. No sound, the Galaxy Tab was Never hot but once I connect my MacBook Pro to the monitor, the fans go out of control. You can also use WIRELESS DEX to connect to your TV.

I am currently using my Galaxy Tab 7 to make and receive calls. This is not possible on any 4G iPad model. Apple blocked this function.

One of my favorite games is Rayman Adventures. We tried this game side by side with the iPad Pro. It loaded a bit faster on the Galaxy Tab S7 and I loved the colours on the Tab S7 better.

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