• OLED55CX (55", 4K, OLED, 2020)
  • OLED55CX (55", 4K, OLED, 2020)
  • OLED55CX (55", 4K, OLED, 2020)
LG OLED55CX (55", 4K, OLED, 2020)

Rating on LG OLED55CX (55", 4K, OLED, 2020).

User ioaniro

almost perfect

great image, good sound. OS is not ideal since apps are not often updated, an android stick is needed for advanced options (no VPN in the LG store). Game mode looks amazing. Remote control is weird. TV is so close to the table that no sound bar can be added without blocking part of the screen (even LG soundbars don't fit) see picture with how much you need to raise the TV for a good fit of the Sonos

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