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Poly Blackwire 3315 (Cable)

Poly Blackwire 3315



3 years ago
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4 out of 5 stars

Very nice headset, beware: many options so pick your model carefully

I tried a wireless headset but it was too heavy. The one speaker headset leaves the other ear open to answer personal calls on my mobile phone, so that's a plus. The 3.5mm jack means I can plug it into other devices, but in that configuration the volume is a little lower than ideal.
The poly balckwire comes in various configurations: USB type, 3.5 jack (or not), etc. and the Digitec site doesn't explain this in much detail. I did a lot of research on the Ply website, and still didn't catch all the nuances. Example: the one I ordered has a built-in button for "MS Teams" or similar conferencing apps. Once you understand the options, the name makes more sense but for me that happened after I started using it.


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