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iiyama ProLite T2252MSC-B1 (1920 x 1080 pixels, 22")

iiyama ProLite T2252MSC-B1

1920 x 1080 pixels, 22"


3 years ago
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Quite glossy image with yellow tint

I bought this as a second external (third total) screen to my laptop and was hoping to benefit from the touch function. While the basic touch works right away when connected by USB, I was not able to find drivers for latest Mac OS (only older) - so no multi-touch or dragging was possible.
The screen was also incredibly glossy and reflective - with darker pictures (I use a dark schema) I was constantly seeing myself like in the mirror. The white was also considerably yellowish compare to all my other screens I have (LG, Apple, Dell etc.). I was also not very impressed with the OSD menu and input options, but let's say this is a standard in this category.
I would probably not recommended this monitor and I have returned it myself.


  • Picture quality is good
  • Robust build and easy assembly
  • Basic touch was working fine


  • Yellow tint (bad white balance)
  • Very reflective surface
  • Fixed stand

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