• N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
  • N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
  • N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
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Samsung N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)

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17 answered questions about Samsung N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)

User marcelzwahlen
User arko109

Can I charge my S10e in landscape orientation?

1 answer
User ramin.ahmed
Accepted answer

I have a S10 5G and the smaller S9 i can charge both in landscape orientation. :-)

User balthushoffmann

Mit wieviel Leistung lädt es ein iPhone XS?

This question was asked about another variant: N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)

1 answer
User Oysterflex
Accepted answer

Soweit ich weiss, lädt JEDES iPhone nur mit MAX. 7,5W Wireless, egal mit wie viel Leistung (oder Fremdhersteller) man daher kommt.