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We’ve extended our network of service partners

created on 05.10.2016
Customers buying large household appliances or home cinema products now have the possibility to purchase additional services such as the assembly and installation of the product or the professional disposal of their old appliance.

Need help installing your new fridge, mounting the TV to the wall, prepping your skis and getting rid of your old device at the same time? Then we’ve got news for you! The extension of our service partner network means we now provide various services throughout Switzerland.

How it works

  • After placing a product in your shopping cart, various service extensions will appear
  • Select the service you would like for your product

Additional services are available for the following product groups: * Projectors * TVs * Laptops / PCs * Fitness equipment * Large household appliances including washer/drier sets

These additional services are provided by various service partners. The costs depend on the type of service and the selected service partner. To find out whether or not partner services are available for a certain product, simply click on the product in our online shop. Any available services are listed as “Partner services” below the product.

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