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Tips from our editors: 11 games I would put under the Christmas tree

Philipp Rüegg
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook

What to gift? It’s the same question every year. We want to help as experts on the editorial team and share some very personal tips.

As a full-time nerd and game editor, I’ve already played more titles than I could ever fit in Santa’s sack. In order to avoid you having to fight your way through the same mountain of games, I’ve picked out eleven particularly interesting titles for you. There should be something suitable for every taste among them.


«Valheim» is an uncharacteristic online survival game that’s eerily relaxing. Alone – or even better with friends – you’ll roam a vast fantasy world set in Norse mythology. You’ll collect resources, create tools and weapons and, starting with a tiny hut, gradually build a small village. There’s always something to do, whether you’re an explorer, a builder or a fighter.

«Valheim» is available digitally for PC.

«Guardians of the Galaxy»

Gamers who prefer to play alone while still engaging in lively conversation might enjoy the action adventure «Guardians of the Galaxy». In it, you are Starlord, who, together with the rest of his heroic squad, will have to save the universe from destruction. There’s a lot of talking as you visit exotic worlds, as well as plenty of action.

Square Enix Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (incl. Digital Comic)
Video games (box)

Square Enix Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (incl. Digital Comic)

«Age of Empires 4»

The sequel to the cult real-time strategy hit offers a captivating loop of base building, resource gathering and combat. Using eight vastly distinct races, you can knock down a real or computer-controlled enemy’s castle walls and storm to victory with your war elephants, camel archers or knights.


«Humankind» also offers various historical battles, but at a much more leisurely pace. You’ll lead a turn-based civilisation from the Neolithic Age into the modern era. The special thing about it is that you can mix civilisations and, for example, evolve Babylonians into the Franks. But watch out: «Humankind» is one of those just-one-more-move games.

«Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut»

Hardly any game has painted such a beautifully picturesque world as Ghost of Tsushima. The Director’s Cut adds an additional island to the open-world action role-playing game, which you, a samurai, must free from the Mongols.

«Psychonauts 2»

Sometimes you’re part of a cooking show where the audience are also ingredients – sometimes you’re fighting a giant octopus in a casino, and at other times you’re balancing on a giant bowling ball through a world of negative thoughts. This is all possible because, as a psychonaut, you can dive into other people’s brains. «Psychonauts 2» is one of the most creative and entertaining games of the last few years.

«The Forgotten City»

A portal transports you into the past – into a sealed Roman city. Its inhabitants live without ageing, unless one of them commits a sin and thus breaks the golden rule. However, no one knows exactly what counts as a sin. Except that they all turn to gold when one does occur. Fortunately, in this case, you can simply run out of there and return through the portal. While going through this time loop adventure, you’ll gradually uncover the mystery of the city.

«The Forgotten City» will be released digitally for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.


Any action-adventure game called «Deathloop» will most likely involve time loops. However, you don’t have to shy away from sinning here. On the contrary, your goal is to take out eight people in one day. Not only does «Deathloop» tell an interesting story, it also offers a lot of freedom in terms of gameplay using various weapons, abilities and interactions in the missions.

«Metroid Dread»

Anyone who loved the old 2D «Metroid» game will simply adore «Metroid Dread». After all, it’s virtually the same gameplay-wise. You land on an alien planet, once again losing all your skills, which you gradually reacquire and thus advance further and further in the world. The mix of exploration, action and crisp boss fights is motivating until the end.

«Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart»

A flagship PS5 game bar none. However, bombastic graphics are far from the only strength of the latest «Ratchet and Clank» release. This dynamic duo of a space furball and his faithful robot friend are once again going on a crazy adventure in fantastic worlds. In doing so, Ratchet can fall back on a constantly growing arsenal of increasingly crazy weapons. Simply great fun from start to finish.

«Chivalry 2»

Chaotic mass battles, bloody action and a dedicated key to scream, «Chivalry 2» has it all. Using broadswords, morning stars and axes, you’ll give and take a beating in this medieval multiplayer game. Sometimes you’ll have to storm a castle, other times you have to hold certain positions, there’s even a mode where you just have to kill as many enemies as possible. The fact that you can no longer distinguish your teammates from enemies because they’re all covered in blood is part of the daily routine.

«Forza Horizon 5»

In this, the most entertaining racing game currently on the market, you have a huge world at your disposal, which you can traverse at will. At every corner, new races, stunts or other challenges are eagerly waiting to be mastered by you. You can choose from over 500 vehicles. Time passes just as quickly as vehicles speed across the landscape.

My colleagues in the editorial team have also shared their tips for Christmas gift giving. Find an overview here:

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    Tips from our editors: what they’re gifting this Christmas – and what not

    by Martin Jungfer

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