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Secure passwords: "1Password" wins in "Kassensturz" test

Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 04.03.2022

IT security experts tested twelve password managers for the SRF consumer magazine "Kassensturz". In the Apple world, users are very well served with the integrated iCloud Keychain. Other test winners cost.

The test conducted by the Swiss consumer magazine "Kassensturz" focused on two questions. First, how easy are password managers to use? Second, how secure are the passwords? All twelve password managers examined in the "Kassensturz" selection had a sync function, i.e. they can be used on several devices at the same time, on the smartphone as well as on the tablet, laptop or PC.

The password managers can be divided into two categories.

  • Browser-integrated solutions
  • Stand-alone apps that need to be downloaded.

    Firefox has the best browser password manager

    With a total score of 68 (a maximum of 100 was possible), Firefox Account won the rating for password managers that are integrated into browsers. Like all browser solutions, it is free of charge.

    Here is the ranking:

  • Firefox Accounts (Sync): 68/100 points overall; functionality: 74 points; security: 63 points - free of charge.
  • Google Password Manager: 59/100 points overall; functionality: 80 points; security: 37 points - free of charge
  • Microsoft Edge Password Manager: 57/100 points overall; functionality: 76 points; security: 37 points - free of charge

    Special case of Apple's iCloud keychain

    Apple's iCloud Keychain, which is permanently installed in the iPhone and can be found in the "Passwords" section of the settings, is out of the ordinary. As an Apple user, you can use it to generate and store passwords for your applications and synchronize them across devices. IT expert Christian Birchler recommends the application to "Kassensturz". He states, "We recommend this password manager to all Apple users. You can also use it if you use Apple and Windows devices together." In the scoring, the Apple program scored 75 out of 100 points.

    Best password manager app: 1Password

    Eight of the password managers tested were standalone apps. Here, the "1Password" application took the top spot. Compared to the browser-integrated password managers, they manage higher scores. However, this also comes at a price. Only the fourth-placed app is free, while the three apps on the podium cost a monthly fee.

  • 1Password: 84/100 points overall; functionality: 86 points; security: 81 points - 2.75 francs per month
  • Dashlane Premium: 82/100 points overall; functionality: 82 points; security: 81 points - 3.75 francs per month
  • Keeper: 79/100 points total; Functionality: 92 points; Security: 67 points - 5.75 francs monthly
  • Keepass Community: 77/100 points total; Functionality: 87 points; Security: 56 points - free of charge
  • Last Pass Premium: 74/100 points total; Functionality: 74 points; Security: 74 points - 2.76 francs monthly
  • Bitwarden Basic Free: 72/100 points overall; functionality: 85 points; security: 59 points - free of charge
  • D Swiss Secure Safe: 63/100 points overall; functionality: 69 points; security: 55 points - 1.50 francs monthly
  • Alpein Pass Securium: 50/100 points overall; functionality: 62 points; security: 37 points - 2 francs monthly

    In the end, it might be personal preferences for you, which password manager you personally find functional and comfortable to use - and if and how much money you are willing to pay for such a tool.

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