Marshall Major III: the third generation has arrived

Marshall Major III: the third generation has arrived

created on 14.05.2018
Marshall has released a new generation of headphones: Marshall III headphones are available as wireless Bluetooth or as cable version and feature on-ear cushions with active noise cancelling.

Hipsters like them. So does anyone who appreciates great bass. Major III Bluetooth is the next chapter in the revolutionary history of the British brand Marshall. They’re sticking to what they do best – high volume and juicy bass – and have stepped into the future by providing a wireless Bluetooth version.

Marshall Major III: a modern classic re-engineered

Major III Bluetooth (On-ear, Black)
Marshall Headphones Major III Bluetooth (On-ear, Black)

Now available without the cord: The new Marshall Major Bluetooth headphones play 30 hours CD-likea music on a single charge.

Major III (On-ear, Black)
Marshall Headphones Major III (On-ear, Black)

According to Marshall, the new wireless version boasts the sound quality you're used to from Marshall as well as up to 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge. The digital data is transmitted via aptX technology, promising lossless quality from the music server – be it the local music on your device or the streaming server – to your eardrum. Speaking of ears: The rebuilt on-ear cushions are said to be even softer and more comfortable than the ones of the Major II version.

The Bluetooth headphones come with a cable, but this is only needed to recharge the battery. Time to full recharge is three hours, which is half as long as with the predecessor – according to the manufacturer.

Marshall Mid ANC: a bit more modern, a bit quieter

Mid ANC (On-ear, Black, ANC)
Marshall Headphones Mid ANC (On-ear, Black, ANC)

Active Noise Cancelling headphones with Bluetooth aptX technology.

The Marshall Mid ANC features active noise cancelling, which is rather unusual for on-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are better suited for active noise cancelling, as this technology relies, among other things, on the surrounding noise being shielded as well as possible on both software and hardware side.

But Marshall has shown courage. The Mid ANC is said to filter out ambient noise just as well as their larger counterparts. Marshall has also made a brave move when it comes to the headphones' design: While the Major series is characterised by edgy design, the Mid ANC has a much more rounded appearance.

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