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Galaxus moves into head office in Hamburg

Shortly before entering the German market, Swiss online shop Galaxus is moving into its head office in Hamburg. Following its warehouse in North Rhine-Westphalia and a EU hub in Baden-Württemberg, the company now has a total of three bases in Germany.

Swiss online shop Galaxus is expanding abroad and due to kick off in Germany shortly. Now, the employees of the subsidiary have moved into their head office: It is located in the Hamburg district of Ottensen. «We primarily went for Hamburg for recruitment reasons,» says Frank Hasselmann, Managing Director of Galaxus Deutschland. «The city is extremely attractive for specialists in the field of e-commerce and the media. Naturally, we want to benefit from that.»

By the end of this year, the Hamburg team is set to consist of around ten employees. In a first phase, experts in marketing, business development and purchase will be working alongside Hasselmann in the German office, which is currently equipped to cater for 40 employees.

«Here and there, we will be complementing our team with experienced employees from Switzerland,» says Hasselmann. «However, the majority will be talent recruited in Germany.» All new employees of Galaxus Germany will be working in Zurich for the first two months. This will allow them to make contacts and get to know the agile company culture. «Our culture includes being on a first-name basis and giving direct and honest feedback across all levels of hierarchy. Teams set their own targets and everybody is encouraged to try brave new things instead of talking ideas to death,» Hasselmann explains.

Support from headquarters

For the launch, the team in Hamburg will be getting a lot of support from their Swiss colleagues. Back in the motherland of Galaxus and brand sibling digitec, around 1,300 employees work for the online retailer. Roughly 170 people each work in category management and software development and a further 60 in marketing. «However, in the coming months, we will be focusing on establishing all core functions on site and gradually reducing the support from Switzerland,» says Hasselmann.

With offices in Hamburg, Galaxus is now represented in three locations in Germany. In late September, the company opened its warehouse in North Rhine-Westphalia. From there, Galaxus will be serving its customers throughout Germany. Last May, the company’s very own logistics hub in Baden-Württemberg, close to the Swiss border, was put into action. The hub makes it easier for marketplace suppliers from the EU to ship to Swiss online shoppers.

Galaxus’ parent company Digitec Galaxus generated a turnover of 861 million francs in 2017, making the company Switzerland’s largest online retailer. The Galaxus brand stands for a broad range of high-quality products at affordable prices, independently researched test reviews, clever filter functions and a highly involved customer community.

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Galaxus Deutschland head office in Hamburg:
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Managing Director in Germany, Frank Hasselmann:
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Digitec Galaxus headquarters in Zurich:
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Contact for media representatives

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Alex Hämmerli, Zurich

  • Senior Public Relations Manager & Teamleader Translation
At digitec and Galaxus, I’m in charge of communication with journalists and bloggers. Good stories are my passion – I am always up to date.


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User macslan51

Très bonne nouvelle que d'avoir une entreprise suisse qui s'internationalise

User schrottbox83

Hamburg? Cool! Schon eine Zusammenarbeit (in welcher Form auch immer) mit den Rocketbeans am Start?
Das Image eines jungen, dynamischen, mutigen und unkomplizierten Unternehmens bekäme Galaxus-DE so direkt mal geschenkt!

Dankt mir später.. ;)

User domiflue

Sehr toll! Ausgerechnet ein Fan gefunden auf Digitec! :D

User Jazzy334

Bravo, beau parcours en quelques années !

Avec vos prix toujours attractifs (et parmi les premiers, je me souviens, à proposer la livraison gratuite à l'époque) et votre excellent service client rien d'étonnant de vous voir continuer à progresser ainsi.

User superburschi

"Bilder zur freien Verwendung" - Was soll der Quatsch?

Warum sollen wir Bilder von mehreren MBs Grösse herunterladen/anschauen, auf welchen jeder Pickel und jede Hautunreinheit von Digitec/Galaxus Kaderleuten/Mitarbeitern zu sehen sind!
Das interessiert mich schlichtweg nicht!

Erstellt dafür meinetwegen eine extra Seite für Presse-"Heinis", falls diese Leute das "brauchen", aber lasst uns "Normalos" doch bitte mit solchem Unsinn in Frieden. Das schon unsere Nerven und bei vielen auch das 3G- oder 4G-Datenkonto ihres Mobilanbieters (und womöglich auch Kosten, wenn z. B. gerade im Ausland unterwegs).


User neoPlay1989

Sunsch gots no? Das richtet sich an die Presse.

User Anonymous

@superburscht: Schon mal dran gedacht den Artikel oder die Bilder NICHT anzuklicken?
Gehst doch auch nicht in einer Parfümerie und reklamierst wegen dem ganzen Parfüm-duft.
Okay du vielleicht schon.