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  • DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+)
  • DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+)
  • DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+)
CHF 54.90
TechniSat DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+)

Bewertung zu TechniSat DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+).

User Nadal.roberto
DigitRadio mobil (Weiss, DAB+)

DAB is probably overrated hence quite high price for such a tiny and average quality gadget

tiny and lightweight, but quality for a quite pricey gagdget is not there.
Sound is awful with my own headphones, only worked properly with headphones coming with it.
No clear instructions manual, couldn't store DAB radio channels.


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