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  • HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm)
  • HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm)
  • HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm)
CHF 19.50
Aukey HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm)

Bewertung zu Aukey HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm).

User Linh Nguyen
HDMI zu (VGA, 20cm)

Awesome VGA to HDMI adapter. Works right out of the box!

It works like a charm just with my VGA monitor and the Xbox console! Just plug in and play directly from the screen. May need to have an extra micro-usb power supply (not included in the package) if I need the sound for my headphones. But all in all I'm really satisfied for the value I received.


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