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Calling all English-speakers: Where are you from?

We know you’re out there, our audience of English-speakers, who read and shop digitec and Galaxus in English. But we don’t know who you are and where you’re from. Are you Swiss? Irish? American? South African? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure the articles we translate and write represent everyone in our English-speaking community.

After finding out that you English-speakers exist in our post «Is anybody out there?» and what you like for breakfast in our article «What’s in your fry-up?», we’d now like to know more about you. Why? Because knowing who our readers are and where they’re from can help us decide which product reviews, shopping guides and other inspirational articles to translate into English and which topics to write about next. We can’t translate every article in our shop, but we can make sure there’s something there for every one of you.

Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there?

English: Switzerland's fifth language

It’s no secret that English is becoming more and more important in Switzerland. According to the official statistics, over 2.1 million non-Swiss citizens were living in Switzerland in December 2017. This includes quite a few people from countries where English as the only or one of the official languages, as for example:

  • UK: 2.05% (43,309)
  • US: 0.93% (19,607)
  • India: 0.75% (15,725)
  • Canada: 0.31% (6,557)
  • Ireland: 0.21% (4,386)
  • Australia: 0.14% (3,020)
  • South Africa: 0.08% (1,736)
  • Kenya: 0.06% (1,334)

On top of this, English is taught as a first foreign language in numerous Swiss cantons and is often used as lingua franca between speakers of the official languages of Switzerland. Switzerland’s government website admin.ch is available in German, French, Italian, Romansh and English, and the Swiss Civil Code is translated into – you guessed it – all official languages of Switzerland and English. Having said that, it does begin with a disclaimer reading: «English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force.» Nevertheless, there’s no doubt Switzerland can’t do without English.

Does our English-speaking community represent Switzerland?

With this in mind, it’s not surprising we want to make sure our products and articles on digitec and Galaxus are also available in English. Jessica Johnson-Ferguson and I, we love our jobs as translators at Digitec Galaxus AG. The only thing we’re missing is knowing who you English-speaking readers are, where you’re from and what you’re keen to read about. The more we know about you, the better we can judge which articles are relevant and interesting for you and which ones you’d probably like to see an English version of.

So we’d love to know:

Where are you from?
Details are welcome!

Der Wettbewerb ist inzwischen beendet!

We’re looking forward to finding out if our English-speaking shop community represents the English-speakers living in Switzerland. We’ll keep you posted!

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Eva Francis, Zürich

  • Translator
Ein Blick in ihren Schweizer und Britischen Pass beweist: Hier haben wir es mit einem Landkind zu tun. Aufgewachsen im thurgauischen Müllheim, hat Eva auch Wurzeln im walisischen Bergdorf Brecon. Sie spielt Gaelic Football im «Zürich Inneoin GAA Club» und mag schräge Projekte. Aktuell sammelt sie Hundegaggisäcke aus aller Welt – total sind es bereits an die 50 Stück.

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User Anonymous

I use English because I want my Swiss German and Swiss Italian friends to understand me as well :) Not something I can say for sure if I used French.

User rahulsingh.86

English is one of the two official languages in India and there are around 15,000 of them living in Switzerland. :-)

User xividyzf

English is the first foreign language taught in all Chinese schools, and there are about 30,000 of them living in Switzerland :P

User Wyrx

Your survey's a bit confusing. Judging by your "entry conditions", it looks like we're participating in some sort of drawing, but the article doesn't mention any prizes.

Without any prizes to win, why participate multiple times? And why would there be a "jury's decision"? Did I miss something?

User Jessica Johnson-Ferguson

Thanks for pointing that out, Wyrx!

Our entry conditions are generic because they need to apply to different types of surveys. Admittedly, they are a bit confusing in this case. However, this survey is purely to find out more about our readers, so there's no jury nor any prizes (just happy translators at the other end).

We hope you're still motivated to tell us a bit about yourself. Thanks!

User lawrence

To game the system so that Digitec thinks it has more Kiwi customers than it really does.

User frederickjh

I grew up in Pennsylvania in the USA, but have not live there for over 20 years. I married a Swiss and have lived in the Caribbean (where our 2 kids were born), South Africa, Central America and now in Switzerland.

User dandraka

I come from Crete, Greece so English is not my native language. But, like almost everyone there, I was taught English to a very good level, and being an expat perfected it.

User robyee_work

'straya maaaate!!

User subhashb

Indeed, how come Indians are missed, they are mostly in IT and tech-savvy - so Digitec is well advised to think about them, too :-)

User Anonymous

Speaking of english... why is it so hard/almost impossible to buy here a good US-Int layout keybord? The QWERTZ only everywhere! I had to buy the cheapest Logi 120 which is like time travel back to 80's! :)

User DSola

We buy all the time QWERTY keyboard at Digitec. You have a filter on the left side to show you only US/UK layouts.

User Anonymous

Yeah I know... but it is either US-Layout or the most modern- supersoftkeyclick- extradesign- one. Never both at the same time...

User dearheart

I have a stock of US sun keyboards. As Danish, I prefer US keyboard layout, it is almost identical.

User astrodemoniac

I'm from Colombia thus my native language is Spanish, but I use English as my primary language.

User dinesh911

I was bit surprised not to see the sizeable number of Indians living in Switzerland at least 15K plus) in your list, who primarily speak English as one of the official languages and only English while in Switzerland. That 0.00001 % who speak French/German are exceptions:-)

User Jessica Johnson-Ferguson

@Dinesh911 and @Subhashb thank you for pointing that out! We've now added India to the list.

User Anonymous

Not so many from Ireland apparently, but still happy to be in Switzerland. English appears to generally be a common language between most people. At least as a good starting point.

User friedrichbraile

I use English because most Swiss websites are lazy and I don't speak German nor French fluently enough.