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38UC99-W (38", 3840x1600)
CHF 1379.–
LG 38UC99-W (38", 3840x1600)

Domanda su LG 38UC99-W (38", 3840x1600)

User Brimstone

If you are referring to the 12" MacBook Retina 2016, then yes.


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User azt33

Thank you - but that is to drive a 4K display. As this is a 5K display, presumably requiring more power, I was wondering if the 12" would be able to drive this screen as well.

User Brimstone

Uhm... 4k = 3840x2160 pixels - 5k = 5120x2880 pixels. Both are in 16:9 ratio.
3840x1600 is not quiet 4k, it's UltraWide WQHD+ in ratio of 21:9.

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