Import G910 Orion Spark US, please.

Hi Digitec,

Could you import the US Layout version of the Logitech G910 Orion spark please ?

I know that there's already a local version in FR/GER-CH, but as myself used to the US Keyboard, I can't use the Swiss keyboard.

I really find that the US layout is way more ergonomic than the Swiss Layout in terms of character placements, keys heights and lengths and no accents (really handy for people who mostly write in English on the web).

If you could do that I'll give you my "Best Tech Store of 2018" award :)

Awaiting your answer, I wish you a nice day/evening.

Yours Truly,

Unfortunately, the Logitec G910 Orion Spark with US-keyboard layout is already sold out. However if you want to we can get the Logitech G910 Orion Spektrum with US-keyboard layout.
Dear David,

That would make me a very happy dude, as mush as I love my actual Logitech G Pro keyboard I really miss the numpad from the G910, and I would really love to get the G910 with US-Layout :D