• BU 550 (Bras, Android, iOS, Écran)
  • BU 550 (Bras, Android, iOS, Écran)
  • BU 550 (Bras, Android, iOS, Écran)
Medisana BU 550 (Bras, Android, iOS, Écran)

Évaluation sur Medisana BU 550 (Bras, Android, iOS, Écran).

User rupertpaget

Meines erste Oberarm-Blutdruckmessgerät

Previously I had a wrist blood pressure monitor, it was quick and easy to use. When it got too old I needed another one. This time I chose an over arm blood pressure monitor, as I wanted the security that my blood pressure was measured accurately. Although wrist monitors can be just as accurate, if you are not careful they can give misleading results. The disadvantage of over arm blood pressure monitor is they are a little more cumbersome to use. But the Medisana BU 550 is just as easy to use. And with its measuring technique, is also a little quicker than my old wrist monitor to measure my blood pressure.

One thing to be aware of is which iPhone the Medisana will connect to. Not all iPhones are compatible.

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