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WW80T554AAX/S5 WW5500 (8 kg, Gauche)
815.–moins 70 CHF de subvention
Samsung WW80T554AAX/S5 WW5500 (8 kg, Gauche)

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    Delivery problems with AG partner

    I placed the order on June 11th and selected AG as delivery partner. The product was available in warehouse for delivery. AG received the product from digitec con June 15th.

    First (provisional) delivery
    date indicated: June 24th.

    I called AG on June 25th to get updates; I have been told that my product was sitting in their warehouse waiting for orders from other customers before shipping.

    I called again on June 28th and 29th: nobody was able to tell me when they were going to deliver my order.

    Finally, on June 30th, after contacting digitec and (again) AG, I have been told that the delivery was going to be made on July 1st "in the afternoon", no specific time indicated.

    I asked for partial homeoffice and took some hours off from work in order to be able to be at home at the moment of the delivery. The truck finally arrived at 7:30 pm.

    Final result: I waited 20 days since the order and 16 days since the delivery partner got the product, wasted few hours of work for nothing and I had to call many times in order to know when the delivery was going to be made. Do not forget the the product was in stock and ready for immediate shipping!

    I am really disappointed with the delivery partner and I am disappointed that digitec allow companies like AG to be their delivery partner...

    If you need to chose a delivery partner my suggesion is to AVOID AG.

    Please digitec, do something about this!!! I could never imagine to go thru a situation like this one...


    • Good product
    • Nice design
    • Interesting smart functions


    • AG partner not up to digitec standards
    • 20 days from order to delivery
    • 16 days delay since AG received the product from digitec
    • Really upset with AG
    • Avoid AG as delivery partner!!!
    • Product sitting in AG warehouse for 16 days before delivery
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    il y a 7 mois
    a acheté ce produit



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    Defekt angeliefert - grosse Transportschaden. Bitte so nicht Digitec !!