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Rift (US-Import)
Oculus Rift (US-Import)

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User michalskla
Rift (US-Import)

A fun toy if you're a VR enthusiast, but not there yet

Works with both the Oculus shop and Steam VR. Quite comfortable attached to the head/face, not heavy. Some light gets in near the nose area though (maybe it's adjustable - didn't check yet).

As for the VR itself - expect blurry fonts and maybe very slight motion sickness (but it's waaaay better than it was with Oculus Rift DK1) - depends on the person. The 3D itself in games gives a really nice and immersive feeling though!
The resolution is OK, but nothing more (8K might solve this, but we're not there yet) - don't expect to use it for work (infinite desktop? not there yet)

Has weird problems with stability, at least with my setup (which actually works well for everything else).

Some problems I had:
1) My USB 3.0 was "incompatible" with the sensor.
I had to buy a PCI-e USB 3.0 card for ~25 CHF - this solved the problem.

2) USB device was disconnecting at random moments.
Turing off all USB power saving options I could find helped a little. I think it still is sometimes happening, but very rarely.

3) The software/games are not stable - they crash, I have to manually kill oculus software / restart it to make it work. It does work in the end, but...
No good solution - hopefully will be fixed in future software updates (?).

4) For some reason Oculus says that my PC is not meeting the requirements ^_-
(my setup actually exceeds the recommended one quite a bit)

As a player myself, not sure I would recommend buying unless you're a VR enthusiast. Maybe next generation ;)
Still 4/5 stars, as this is more or less what I expected.

3D immersiveness is pretty good
resolution (especially visible with fonts)
motion sickness (depends on the person)
expect stability & compatibility problems

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User theo61
Rift (US-Import)

sehr zufrieden

Ein einmaliger, lohnenswerter Artikel.
Im Gebrauch mit dem DCS-Flugsimulator bietet es ein total neues Blickfeld, der Realität sehr nahe.
Gute Auflösung.
Einfache Installation und Bedienung.

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