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H277HUsmipuz (27", 2560x1440)
CHF 489.–
Acer H277HUsmipuz (27", 2560x1440)

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11 réponses sur Acer H277HUsmipuz (27", 2560x1440)

User skoldebring

Is this the version with the white background and extra USB3-ports on the back?

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User Quentin Aellen
Réponse acceptée

According our information this monitor has one USB hub and a white background.

User rodlof

Diesen Monitor gab es doch auch mit weissem Rücken. Kann man den bei Ihnen bestellen?

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User Brimstone
Réponse acceptée

Anscheinend nicht bei Digitec erhältlich. Die entsprechende Herstellernummer wäre UM.HH7EE.018.

User skoldebring

How many watts is the USB-C charging output? Would it be enough to charge a Late 2016 macbook pro?

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User leonputhen
Réponse acceptée

This Monitor is actually made to Charge your Notebook and Display a Screen at once only with one Cable. I think it should work. But i think you should better google it cause im not 100% sure about it.