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BioShock Collection (PS4, DE)
CHF 51.10PVC 59.901
2K Games BioShock Collection (PS4, DE)

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2 réponses sur 2K Games BioShock Collection (PS4, DE)

User start22

Ist das Spiel der Sprache (FR) nur das Handbuch und die Verpackung oder auch das Spielen selbst auf FR

Cette question a été posée pour une autre variante: BioShock Collection (PS4, FR)

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User peterpark828

Is this also in English as well? (assuming all the major titles are also available in English)

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User amado.fr
Réponse acceptée

It should be, I'm buying it expecting that.
I guess it's just the manual that is in French or German, the game should adapt to your PS4 definitions as usual.
I'll check it tonight when I try it at home.