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  • IB-HUB1430 (6Ports)
  • IB-HUB1430 (6Ports)
  • IB-HUB1430 (6Ports)
CHF 45.40avant 51.50
Icy Box IB-HUB1430 (6Ports)

Question sur Icy Box IB-HUB1430 (6Ports)

User Fabian Zaugg
 Réponse acceptée

It is an EU plug according our infos.

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User barbyig

Thank you Fabian. Do you have the official link to this product on Icy Box's website? I searched for it but couldn't find it.

I would like to know in this case the male plug (the one to be plugged to the wall) has a connection to the earth.


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