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  • Quest 64GB
  • Quest 64GB
  • Quest 64GB
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Oculus Quest 64GB

Bewertung zu Oculus Quest 64GB.

User akathorn

This is what VR should be

Ok, I had a problem and needed it replaced (by the way, Oculus Support is just perfect), but apart from that... Oh god.
This is how virtual reality should be. There is some initial setup the first time, but after that the headset is just a wonder. Playing it's just a matter of grabbing the headset and the controllers, pushing a button, and BOOM! You are playing.
At first it always feels a bit heavy and weird, but after a minute or two you are so immerse that you forget completely. Since it doesn't have cables, you can just turn in any direction, duck, and completely get lost in the simulated world.
The battery lasts about 4 hours, and I always get physically tired before that point. Charging is relatively fast too.
Just buy it, and you won't regret it.

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