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  • 0A36303 (9cellules, 8400mAh)
  • 0A36303 (9cellules, 8400mAh)
  • 0A36303 (9cellules, 8400mAh)
CHF 141.71
Lenovo 0A36303 (9cellules, 8400mAh)

Évaluation sur Lenovo 0A36303 (9cellules, 8400mAh).

User Peskarik

My laptop still runs like a champ!

T530i, almost 10 years old, but still runs like a champ. The great thing - everything is accessible and replaceable on this machine, the negative is, obviously, weight. Thanks to the battery replacement I will be able to use the laptop in mobile manner for the next 3 years at least.

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