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  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
  • Wireless Display Adapter v2
CHF 57.80
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2

Évaluation sur Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2.

User fandooanu
Wireless Display Adapter v2

MS adapter 2 - Good Deal !

MS Adapter Wireless display 2 is a good quality screen casting device, easily enabled for windows 10 devices. I have been using it since 2 months, with positive impression !! I I had absolutely no problem in connecting my windows 10 desktop to Samsung smart TV, and the display is very live and without any streaming loss !
But I face issues in connecting my windows 10 laptop (which I upgraded from win7 to win10) to TV. U think I miss somd drivers in new upgrade anc issue is not likely related to MS Adapter !!
Also thanks to DIGITEC team for delivering MS Adapter 2 free of cost, as previously ordered MS Adapter 1 was out of service(defect)



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