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Samsung Gear VR

Évaluation sur Samsung Gear VR.

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Gear VR

Interesting low cost, but high quality VR experience

The VR is great if you already have a Note 4, S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+. In those cases it's an amazing experience for the money you get. If you have to buy a phone to make this work, then that might not be the case anymore.

Your phone clips into the VR smoothly and keeps it safe. Even playing taxing games will only drain your battery about a third per hour. If you are worried, you can even plug in power while playing, though that removes one extremely good thing about it: The freedom to move without cables. Other VR systems tether you to a computer and this is where you will come to love this particular gadget. You twist and turn without being cable bound.

The tracking is nothing short of amazing. With the wheel in the center top of the device you can adjust the sharpness so even if you have strong glasses you can use it without contacts or glasses. Then every move you make feels like you are in that space it projects to you. There is no lag or delay like in older systems. Some people I showed this to even felt like they were standing at a cliff in one of the games and had slight anxiety of falling down from that. That says it all.

Having tested it on about a dozen people now, only one said he felt a little queasy after using it for a couple minutes, everyone else had no reaction whatsoever. The tracking is so good that you don't get motion sick or simulation sickness in most cases. Only if you start to do some rather violent head movements (headbanging) you can get the sensors to twitch a little, nothing you would do while playing the games or watching the videos.

On the software side, it uses the Oculus store and app. So you can buy games and videos (and play a few interesting demos for free) and could also use them later on other devices using the same store. So buy once, use again. There are not many items available at the time of this writing (middle of January 2016) but it seems to have more added all the time.


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