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  • Vantage Vue 6250 EU
  • Vantage Vue 6250 EU
CHF 434.95
Davis Vantage Vue 6250 EU

Évaluation sur Davis Vantage Vue 6250 EU.

User lio.frostainley

I looked at several weather stations to replace an...

I looked at several weather stations to replace an old Oregon Scientific setup that had come to the end of it's lifetime. I'm very pleased with this device. Easy to set up since the anemometer, rain-gauge and external thermo/hydro device are all in the same unit, which is solar-powered and transmits the data wirelessly to the console. The console gives lots of information for daily, monthly and even annual stats. The console runs on mains and/or batteries so is very portable within the house. I intend to purchase the Weatherlink option to enable me to export my data to PC.

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