• WLAN Box 2 (4800Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s)
  • WLAN Box 2 (4800Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s)
  • WLAN Box 2 (4800Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s)
CHF 104.–
Swisscom WLAN Box 2 (4800Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s)

Évaluation sur Swisscom WLAN Box 2 (4800Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s).

User godwin.ogbe

Does what it says

Must say I was sceptical of this product. I live in a three level chalet with my main hub on the middle floor. The wifi signal in the basement was terrible. PS4 and working on laptop was difficult and frustrating. Since installing this product, no more issues. signal now as good as the middle floor. highly recommend this.

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