Frequently asked questions about PickMup

What is PickMup?

PickMup is the Migros Group’s new and convenient pick-up service: Collect or return online orders at your PickMup location of choice. With this service, the Migros group is combining its extensive store network with Switzerland's largest online shops. PickMup is one of the delivery options that can be selected when placing an order.


From which locations can orders be collected?

Click here to view the current list of PickMup collection locations.

Which products can be collected from a PickMup location?

The digitec and Galaxus range is only partially deliverable through PickMup. Generally, all articles can be collected from a PickMup location if they comply with the following conditions:

  • The article was shipped from our warehouse in Wohlen (no third-party shipment)
  • The article fits into a package that is classed as standard or bulky by Swiss Post
  • The packaged article weighs less than 20 kilogrammes

I didn’t bring a collection note. What happens now?

We are unable to hand over packages to customers who cannot provide the number stated on the collection note. Please log in to your customer account to access your collection note.

How will I know when my package is ready for collection?

You will receive an automatic e-mail notification from Galaxus as soon as your package has arrived at the PickMup location. The e-mail contains a collection note with a QR code (collection note number).

How much time do I have to collect the package from the PickMup location?

Your package must be collected from the desired location within 14 days after dispatch of the collection note.

Which payment options are available?

You can pay by advance payment, PayPal, credit card, PostFinance, Migros Bank or Twint. The payment options invoice or cash are not available. Paying at the pick-up location is not possible.

Return shipment

I wish to return a product. Can I drop it off at a PickMup location?

All our customers are entitled to make return shipments through a PickMup location, provided that the parcel doesn't weigh more than 20kg and includes the sender and receiver address. Returns directly to the Service Center cannot be handed in at the PickMup location.

It makes no difference if the package was collected from a PickMup location or delivered by Swiss Post, for example.

How must the return item be packaged in order for it to be accepted for return shipment at the PickMup location?

PickMup locations will only accept packages that are ready for shipment. A package is deemed ready for shipment if it fulfils the following criteria:

  • The package is closed/sealed
  • The package does not need to be stamped
  • The package is labelled with the following delivery address (sender optional):
    • Digitec Galaxus AG
      Industriestrasse 21
      CH-5610 Wohlen
  • The package includes the sender address