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Hygiene and cleanliness play an important role in the well-being of the workplace. We offer a wide range of hygiene products and cleaning accessories.

An above-average number of germs, bacteria and viruses
romp around on keyboards, door handles and telephones. Hygiene in the office is therefore important to prevent illness. Therefore the right cleaning at the workplace is an effective protection against pathogenic germs and bacteria.

A good disinfectant is suitable for cleaning the keyboard and mouse to kill germs, bacteria and fungi. Dust can be removed from PCs with an antistatic microfibre cloth. The screens as well as the monitor surface can be removed with special cleaning fluids.

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Roline - Screen cleaner

LogiLink - pressurized gas cleaner

LogiLink - Reinigungsset

Desinfect pro - Disinfection wipes

Desinfect pro - Disinfection wipes

Roline - Elektrischer Druckluftreiniger

Cyber Clean - Home&Office Cleaning Compound 145gr.

- Quality Papierhandtücher Z-Quattro

WHOOSH! - Screen Shine - 30ml

Fellowes - Druckluftreiniger

Durable - compressed gas cleaners

Hama - Video-Reinigungskassette VHS/S-VHS

KATRIN - One Stop M2

LogiLink - Bildschirm Reinigungstücher (100 Stück)

Avery - Etiketten-Entferner