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In our category TV furniture, we have put together stylish TV furniture, TV cabinets and lowboards for your living room. Use the filter «AV furniture» to get an initial overview. Our shop offers TV furniture made of various materials, styles and sizes. Especially popular are TV cabinets in industrial look made of wood and metal, as well as the Scandinavian-style sideboards in white, wood look and glass. Use this piece of furniture to place your TV on it, and to store the associated remote controls, game consoles or receivers. We offer TV furniture with drawers, doors, shelves and with integrated LED lighting. These offer additional storage space for accessories, magazines or books. Closed cabinets with a fabric flap allow integrating loudspeakers and look particularly elegant. Here you can find TV furniture by the brands Sonorous, Furn, System4 and many others. The most popular dimensions are 100 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm. 

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Kare Design - Finca

Kare Design - Sideboard Shanti Surprise Puzzle Nature

Kare Design - Sideboard Rustico

Kare Design - Chalet

Kare Design - Sideboard Tomahawk

Kare Design - TV Board Terrazzo 152cm

Kare Design - Rivet

Kare Design - Soleil

Kare Design - Puro

Kare Design - Sideboard Muskat

Kare Design - Brooklyn Nature

Kare Design - Rivet

Kare Design - TV Board Kontor Metal

Kare Design - TV Board Muskat

Kare Design - Authentico Low Board