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From high-end premium TV to bargains, you'll find every type of television with us. Our filters make it easy to find your TV, whether it's from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense, Hitachi or Panasonic. You don't know which TV to go for? Here’s a quick guide on finding the right TV:

First of all, decide what size TV you need: it has to fit into your living room and on top of your TV furniture. At the same time, it shouldn't be too small or your eyes will hurt when you're watching your favourite TV show. For a few years now, the trend in screen sizes has been moving towards «the bigger the better». 65-inch TVs are now more affordable than ever and even 80-inch models are now available from almost all manufacturers. The question is, of course, how close or far away from the screen you're sitting. Your parents used to say you shouldn't sit too close to the screen or your eyes will go square? Nonsense. With today's resolutions, you're supposed to sit even closer to the TV. The theory says: the larger the pixels, the further away you should sit. The rule of thumb for 4K televisions – depending on whom you ask – is: screen diagonal x 1.5 = viewing distance. 4K is now standard, only small sizes and extremely low-priced televisions still feature the four times lower Full HD resolution. Netflix already has 4K content, followed by Ultra-HD Blu-ray and more. Now that almost every TV supports 4K, manufacturers are looking for new spheres of image resolution. A range of keywords such as HDR, Ultra-HD-Premium, Quantum Dot Displays, SUHD, Triluminos or OLED are used by manufacturers. Ultimately, they all offer you very good picture quality and increase the incentive to buy a new TV.

Another aspect when buying a new TV is its design: the device will be in your living room, so you want it to look good. Designs are relatively similar across brands. The main difference is in the design of the stand. In the last few years, TVs have become increasingly flat, which means you can mount them on the wall or put them on your TV furniture without any problems. Thinking about whether to opt for flat or curved design? Think no longer: curved design is already out of fashion. Today's TVs come in a sophisticated 360-degree design with hidden cables and connections. These televisions can even be placed in the centre of a room. Another aspect to look out for is equipment. Nowadays, almost every TV is smart. This means you can connect your TV to the Internet, allowing you to access countless apps, Netflix, Spotify and Zattoo for instance, as well as games. Streaming and time shifting are also possible.

So it's all about finding out what size screen you want? Not quite. All manufacturers have about four to five different device series per year. The Premium series offers you the highest level of design and functionality. The other series have a different design and fewer features. The filter function of our online shops lets you find a device with the specifications that are most important to you. Needless to say, Premium series TVs are the most expensive, as they have the best features. The selection in or online shop is extensive: whether screen size, design price or equipment are most important to you, at digitec.ch you are guaranteed to find the right TV.