Tumble dryers

Large tumbler and tumble dryer selection of the top brands. Tumblers and tumble dryers for single-family homes and apartment buildings. Practical services such as delivery and commissioning or return and disposal of the old tumble dryer are available from us. When buying a tumbler, the capacity or maximum loading capacity is one of the most important purchase criteria. The load capacity of the tumble dryer should be higher than that of the washing machine, because wet laundry is considerably heavier than dry laundry. Overloading the tumble dryer not only has a negative effect on the drying performance of the tumble dryer, it could also damage the unit. There are also tumbler models which are especially suitable for multi-family houses.

If your concern for the environment has prevented you from buying a tumbler, you will be able to sleep peacefully with the latest equipment. Modern tumble dryers are much more environmentally friendly than older tumble dryers. The energy efficiency classes for tumblers range from D (inefficient) to A+++ (efficient). Since 2015, however, only tumblers with an energy efficiency class of at least A+ have been sold in Switzerland. This efficiency class is actually only achieved by heat pump tumble dryers. With this technology, hot air flows through the tumbler drum. The moisture of the textiles is absorbed by the hot air and then condenses in the heat pump. Compared to older models (condensation blower), hardly any heat is lost, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

The noise level of the tumble dryer should be taken into account above all if the tumble dryer is to be placed in the home. Most modern devices generate a noise level of around 65 decibels (dB). This corresponds approximately to the volume of a group conversation. Many tumblers have practical special functions or are also Smarthome compatible. For Smart-Home capable tumblers the Smarthome communication standard and the Smarthome voice control should be observed. Common Smarthome communication standards for tumblers are for example ZigBee, Z-Wave, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smart Things, etc..

Many dryers can be easily combined with a washing machine and stacked into a washing tower. Many such washing towers you can find at our washing tower set at a special price. Here you'll find a large selection of tumble dryers and dryers from well known brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, Bauknecht, AEG, Miele, Samsung, Schulthess, V-ZUG, Candy, and many more. All tumblers can also be ordered with practical additional services (e.g. delivery and commissioning, return and disposal of the old device, etc.).