Trimmers + Hair clippers

Get the barbershop back home. In our assortment you will find a wide range of trimmers and hair cutters, also most of the models used by barbers and hairdressers. So you can always give yourself a new hairstyle or trim your beard to perfection at home. Here you will also find trimmers to trim your chest hair etc. For those who want all in one, some brands offer multifunctional devices. Simply filter what you are looking for on the left under "Main function".

Beard trimmer and hair clippers
Beard trimmers and hair clippers differed mainly in blade and size. Head hair is usually much thinner than beard hair. To ensure optimum cutting performance, hair clippers have different shearing angles than beard trimmers. Beard trimming often involves precise contours and details, which can be cut optimally with smaller blades. When cutting hair, wider blades are advantageous to cut faster and more evenly. In addition, the comb attachments differ, which can reach up to 42 mm for hair clippers, whereby a beard trimmer rarely goes beyond 10 mm. Beard trimmers and hair clippers offer the best performance, as they are designed to meet different needs.

Multifunction trimmer
Multifunction trimmers and multigroomers are the optimal solution if various parts of the body are to be treated with one device. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, they often cover a wider range of possibilities. In addition to beard and hair, body hair as well as ear and nose hair can often be trimmed. Perfectionists will probably miss certain small details, but the devices are ideally suited for multifunctional use.

Body Shaver
Body shaving has become more and more popular among men, often called body shaving or bodygroom. Whether you want to remove the hair on your chest, under the armpits or in the genital area, body shavers are your faithful companions. It is important to make sure that the contouring system is gentle on the skin in order to be able to apply it as gently as possible. Various models also have integrated combs so that trimming of different lengths is no problem.