Best products in the Safes category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Burg Wächter Favor S3 E

The safe is used for the storage of valuables. It has a solid single-walled body and can be attached to the rear wall. The fixing material is included in the delivery. The safe is opened by means of a modern, self-programmable electronic lock. 4 batteries Mignon 1,5 V AA as well as 2 emergency keys are included in delivery. 

Burg Wächter Favor S3 E (9 l)

Burg Wächter Favor S3 E

9 l


2. Master Lock LFW205FYC

The Masterlock LFW205FYC is an attractive 56.5-litre safe that is perfect for storing valuables, important documents and high-quality electronics. The solid steel construction is water-resistant and has optimum fire protection. The safe can withstand temperatures of up to 927 °C for 1 hour. The door is equipped with 6 steel locking bolts and a large, stable hinge, thus providing a high level of protection for your valuables and important papers.
The door of the Masterlock LFW205FYC safe is equipped with a programmable, digital locking technology, which is equipped with a keypad with illuminated keys. This makes it easy to open, even in dark places such as a cupboard. Already preset are 2 resettable number combinations, which can be replaced by a self-selected number sequence. There is also a master combination. It is used to open the safe easily if the programmed sequence of numbers has been forgotten.

Master Lock LFW205FYC (56.50 l)

Master Lock LFW205FYC

56.50 l


3. Master Lock X075ML

With an internal volume of 22.1 litres, the Masterlock X075ML offers you sufficient storage space for your valuables. With two steel locking brackets and a concealed hinge, a high safety standard is guaranteed. The interior is fitted with carpet so that you can also store sensitive objects in the safe.
The door of the Masterlock X075ML safe is equipped with a programmable electronic lock. The Masterlock is easy to open via the electronic combination lock. The number combination is freely selectable. The desired number combination is simply entered and programmed via the number field. Two emergency keys, with which you can open the safe if you should forget the combination of numbers, are included.

Master Lock X075ML (22.03 l)

Master Lock X075ML

22.03 l


4. Burg Wächter Favorite S3K

It has a solid single-walled body and can be attached to the rear wall. The fixing material is included in the scope of delivery. The safe is opened by means of a double-bit lock. 2 keys are included. 

Burg Wächter Favorite S3K (13 l)

Burg Wächter Favorite S3K

13 l


5. Master Lock Safety safe

The Master Lock Large Security Safe with Digital Combination No. LFW082FTC is designed to protect documents, digital media and other valuables (jewellery, cash, external hard drives, etc.) from fire, water and theft. With steel construction and UL/ETL certification, this safe provides 60 minutes of fire protection at 923°C and water resistance in the event of a flood. The safe resists break-in attempts: the door is locked with three 2.5 cm diameter steel bolts (60% larger than conventional safes) and the break-in resistant hinge bar provides additional security against unauthorised access. The safe has a programmable electronic combination lock with illuminated keypad (requires 4 AAA batteries, not included) and features interior lighting, adjustable shelf and door with storage area and key hook. The safe can be fixed to the floor. In the unfortunate event of a fire, your product comes with a lifetime fire resistant replacement warranty. This means that the American security product dealer will exchange your damaged product for a like-new one. However, if your product shows damage due to faulty materials or workmanship, the two-year warranty will apply.

ADVANCED FIRE PROTECTION: The fireproof safe has UL rated fire protection (1 hour at 927 °C), protecting papers, records and valuables from fire damage.

ETL CERTIFICATION: provides 24-hour water protection at water levels up to 12 cm; during a fire, the safe will survive a 4.5 metre drop without opening.

SECURITY: features a programmable lock with illuminated keypad, 3 live locking bolts, steel construction & a lever resistant hinge.

Master Lock Safety safe (22.70 l)

Master Lock Safety safe

22.70 l


6. Master Lock Portable mini safe

The small mobile security cassette with combination from Master Lock is the perfect solution for secure storage on the go. Ideal for use in cars, trucks, at the university, on the campsite, on boats or at the beach. Ideal anti-theft protection for mobile phones, wallets, MP3 players or other small electronic devices. Take along. Lock up. Leave. 

Master Lock Portable mini safe (1.40 l)

Master Lock Portable mini safe

1.40 l


7. Master Lock LFW123FTC

The extra large Master Lock Safe No. LFW123FTC with digital security combination protects documents, digital media and valuables from fire, water and theft. The 60 % larger bolts (compared to conventional safes) and the anti-burglar hinge strip offer additional security against unauthorised access. 

Master Lock LFW123FTC (33.60 l)

Master Lock LFW123FTC

33.60 l


8. Master Lock Safety cassette

The large Master Lock security cassette No. LCFW30100 protects your most important family documents (suitable for A4 paper size), media and valuables from fire and water damage. 

Master Lock Safety cassette (10 l)

Master Lock Safety cassette

10 l


9. Master Lock Fire protection box L1200

Masterlock Fire Protection Box L1200, Resistance: Fire Protection, Product Type: Fire Protection.

Master Lock Fire protection box L1200 (5 l)

Master Lock Fire protection box L1200

5 l


10. Master Lock Fire protection box LCHW20101

The fire resistant security cassette protects A4 documents, multi-media devices and valuables from fire for 30 minutes at 843°C. This waterproof security cassette also resists immersion in water and protects your valuables from flooding. Unobtrusive design with integrated carrying handle for transporting the cassette. Hides in a cupboard or drawer. Key locking to protect confidential contents and prevent the cassette from opening when exposed to heat. Guaranteed replacement of the security cassette in case of damage after fire and 2-year warranty. 

Master Lock Fire protection box LCHW20101 (7.84 l)

Master Lock Fire protection box LCHW20101

7.84 l