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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Futaba R3106GF T-FHSS Receiver (w/o Telemetry)

Futaba Receiver R3106GF.

Futaba R3106GF T-FHSS Receiver (w/o Telemetry)
RC receivers

Futaba R3106GF T-FHSS Receiver (w/o Telemetry)


2. Futaba R324SBS T-FHSS Car-T- Receiver

The Futaba R324SBS is a compact and lightweight T-FHSS 2.4 GHz receiver with integrated telemetry function and diversity antenna.

Further development of the proven
R304SB receiver.

The receiver is particularly suitable for use in RC cars and boats.

S.BUS2 sensors can be connected via the S.BUS2 connection and up to 32 telemetry data records can be transferred. The telemetry transmitter integrated in the receiver transmits the telemetry data present at the S.BUS2 connection to the transmitter, which displays, announces or acoustically outputs them in the display.

NOTE: When using 7.4 V LiPo batteries as receiver batteries, the connected servos must also be designed for this voltage. The receiver does not have an internal voltage transformer for the servo voltage!

3. Absima R3WP receiver

The Absima R3WP is a splash-proof 3-channel receiver, perfectly adapted for use with the Absima transmitters CR2S and CR3P.

4. Futaba R304SB Telemetry receiver T-FHSS

4-channel T-FHSS receiver, with 4 connections for normal servos and controllers. With additional S.BUS2 output for connecting S.BUS2 devices such as servos and telemetry sensors.
The receiver's internal telemetry transmitter transmits the data to the transmitter, where it is shown on the display.
High protection against interference and electrosmog thanks to 2.4 GHz FHSS technology.
Only suitable for T-FHSS systems (e.g. T4PLS/ T4PX/T4PXR)
For RC-Cars & Boats

Technical data:
channel: 4
transmission: T-FHSS bidirectional
Current consumption: 40mA or less
Input voltage: 4.8 V - 7.4V
Weight: 6.6g
Antenna: 170mm

NOTE: When using 7.4 V LiPo batteries as receiver batteries, the connected servos must also be designed for this voltage. The receiver has no internal voltage converter for the servo voltage.

5. Spektrum Receiver AR637T 6-channel AS3X Telemetry

Introducing the AR637T, opening a new era in receivers that will make it easier than ever for airplane pilots to achieve the perfect flying experience. The AR637T receiver is full range and compatible with DSM2 and DSMX flight remotes. Product Features Perfect for use from park flyers to large gasoline models requiring 6 channels or less Built-in AS3X stabilization system with SAFE attitude limiting AS3X and SAFE are set up by Forward Programming directly from your Spektrum transmitter* Ready to go out of the box with Spektrum Smart ESC for telemetry data via a single cable, with no additional modules, connections and cables are required Full-range telemetry with built-in barometer for altitude and vario telemetry without additional modules DSMX protocol receiver with DSM2 backward compatibility Binding button simplifies binding and eliminates the need for a binding plug Streamlined end-pin design in a lightweight hard plastic housing Expansion ports for use with SRXL2 satellite receivers and telemetry sensors Standard servo connections Product Overview D Like its predecessor, the AR637T features AS3X technology. Now pilots can set up and program SAFE technology for their aircraft. AS3X (3-axis stabilization) technology works behind the scenes to offset the effects of turbulence, giving you a sense of stability and precision as if you were flying a much larger, expertly tuned aircraft. SAFE technology adds an extra level of protection, making RC flying easier than ever. When enabled, you can't oversteer due to bank angle limitations, and auto-leveling makes intercepting after risky or oversteered maneuvers as easy as letting go of the sticks. Programming and setup of AS3X and SAFE is done directly from your Spektrum transmitter * in a simple 3-step setup via forward programming. To use SAFE and AS3X technology with the AR637T receiver, the receiver must be set up with a compatible Spektrum transmitter. Forward Programming does not require any apps or cables while you are on the flying field. 

Spektrum Receiver AR637T 6-channel AS3X Telemetry
RC receivers

Spektrum Receiver AR637T 6-channel AS3X Telemetry

6. Traxxas Link Wireless Module

If you’re an RC enthusiast, get more out of your vehicles with the Traxxas 6511 TQi Link Bluetooth Wireless Module. The TRA6511 module uses Bluetooth low-power energy to connect to popular mobile platforms, including Android 4.4 and up and Apple iOS 4.3 and later. Once paired, you have access to your RC cars, trucks, and other vehicles from your smartphones, tablets, or other devices. When you open the product packaging, you’ll find all required accessories, including the Traxxas module itself and a quick start guide. Simply plug the unit into any wireless-ready TQi transmitter. 

7. Futaba R2008SB Receiver S-FHSS

Compact 8-channel S-FHSS receiver, compatible with all FHSS and S-FHSS systems from the Futaba range. To achieve even shorter response times, the pulse output for digital servos can be shortened to 6.3 ms (instead of 16 ms for analog servos). Besides the 8 PWM servo outputs, the receiver also has an S.BUS connection for up to 8 S.BUS servos or devices.

NOTE: When using 7.4 V LiPo batteries as receiver batteries, the connected servos must also be designed for this voltage. The receiver has no internal voltage converter for the servo voltage!

8. Futaba R334SBS-E T-FHSS 4-CH Diversity Receiver

4-channel receiver for electric cars with T-FHSS Super Response.
Due to the extra short antenna, the receiver can be installed in the best way and without cable
tangle in the race car. The second, internally installed antenna still guarantees the familiar antenna diversity system, as with the R334SBS.
The modulation can also be switched to T-FHSS, where the familiar telemetry function can be used via the SBUS2 port.

Technical specifications:
2.4GHz band receiver with 10mW EIRP transmit power.
T-FHSS SR / T-FHSS modulation switchable
Antenna : Diversity ( 1 internal, 1 short antenna)
Dimensions: 33.9 x 22.3 x 11.3mm
Weight : 7.2g

Only for electric cars

Futaba R334SBS-E T-FHSS 4-CH Diversity Receiver
RC receivers

Futaba R334SBS-E T-FHSS 4-CH Diversity Receiver


9. Reely 3-channel receiver GT2 EVO 2,4

Suitable receiver for the Reely remote control system GT2 Evo (Order No.: 1302221).

10. Futaba R202GF

Small and lightweight 2.4 GHz S-FHSS 2-channel receiver. Especially suitable for RC cars and boats.