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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Pichler Adac

The Adac Helicopter is a faithful replica of the original type BO-105. The model impresses with its particularly inherently stable flight behavior. Here it comes: Anyone who can fly a toy drone will also get along with the Adac Helicopter right away - unpack and fly. The Adac Helicopter clearly benefits from the rapid development of drone technology. Functions such as auto-start and auto-landing are possible at the touch of a button, as is stable hovering flight when you simply put the transmitter out of your hand - Fantastic. 

2. Amewi Lama

RC Helicopter LAMA with LCD remote control 4 channel, 2.4 GHz

The Amewi LAMA helicopter is a scale replica of the famous SA-315 Lama helicopter from French manufacturer
Aérospatiale. With its characteristic lattice tube frame construction, this lightweight multi-purpose helicopter was designed specifically for use in high, hot environments and held the absolute altitude record for many years. Quite a few Lama helicopters are still in service today, especially in Switzerland.

In the new V2 version, this 4-channel single-rotor helicopter impresses with its state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with the new auto-start/landing system, which can be switched on at the touch of a button on the transmitter. Very inherently stable in the air, flying is also made very interesting for beginners. Due to the powerful motor and the unique, special design, the LAMA can be flown outdoors even in light winds without any problems. The four channels allow the pilot to perform good, clean and beautiful flight maneuvers. The precise servo control of the swashplate and the different flight phases of the model also realize a faster forward flight. The 2.4GHz radio technology of the latest generation allows a range of up to 100 meters outdoors.

Auto take-off/landing at the touch of a button on the transmitter
Scale construction with many details like the original
Mode-1 and Mode-2 control switchable at the transmitter

Other features:
New remote control system with state-of-the-art technology
LED lighting
Long flight time of approx. 8 minutes
Very good workmanship and high quality material

Technical data:
Fuselage length: 425mm
Fuselage width: 95mm incl. landing gear
Height: 170mm
Rotor diameter: 400mm
Tail rotor diameter: 128mm
Main material: plastic
Weight ready to fly: approx. 320g incl. battery
Remote control: 2.4GHz, 8 channels, Mode-2 (Mode-1 switchable)
Frequency band from 2.405 to 2.475MHz, 18dBm
Range: approx. 100m
Servos: 2x mini servo
Battery: Li-Po, 2S, 7,4V, 840mAh, 20C, softcase, BEC connector system, LxWxH: 55x30x16, 48g
Flight time: approx. 6 to 8 minutes
Charger: USB charging cable with 1.3A output
Charging time: approx. 30 to 40 minutes

Scope of delivery:
Charging cable
Spare blades front/rear
Manual DE/EN

Required accessories:
6x 1.5V AA batteries for transmitter.

3. DF-Models DF-100 Pro FPV Flybar

The DF-100 PRO - FPV helicopter already hides in its name the special feature that distinguishes this model. It is equipped with a WiFi FPV camera. Live images can be received and stored here on your smartphone (not included). The model also has an automatic takeoff / landing and an automatic altitude stabilization (the model independently holds the specified altitude). The specially arranged rotor makes flying a breeze. A LED lighting completes the overall picture of the model and also allows a night flight. 

4. Carrera Red Bull Cobra

Helicopter with 2.4 GHz technology. Digital Proportional incl. 3-channel controller built-in 1S LiPo battery (3.7V - 300mAh) 2 AAA batteries and USB charging cable 500mA (410101).With coaxial rotor system for excellent flight characteristics Gyro system fuselage in lightweight construction and original license. Length 26 cm. Flight time up to 5 minutes. Charging time approx. 60 minutes. Top features: Altitude control Auto take-off & landing Battery change possible. 

5. Amewi Trix 3-in-1 Drone

Type of drive: Electric Brushed, Model type: RTF (Ready to Fly), Range of application: Fun, Required for completion: Batteries for transmitter, Difficulty: 1st beginner, Capacity watt-hours: 1.295 Wh. 

6. Amewi AFX4

The AFX4 is perfect for the entry into the world of helicopter flying. Thanks to its inherently stable flight characteristics, this great model is also suitable for the transition from coaxial helicopters. The AFX4 is delivered with the common mode 2 (throttle left) assignment, so that the vast majority of pilots do not need to make any further changes. Due to the integrated 6-axis gyro and the way limiting of the servos, the model can be controlled very well and allows a very stable hovering flight. In addition, the model is self-stabilizing. The radio remote control has an additional button to bring the heli back to a stable starting position (hover mode). The pitch and roll movements (forward / backward, right / left) are regulated by the manufacturer in such a way that they do not pose any major difficulties for a novice pilot. Should a little more power be required, e.g. outdoors in stronger winds, a dual rate switch on the transmitter provides more servo travel to assist. With a little practice very smooth and fast to move, this helicopter is wonderful as a training model for smaller spaces or halls. The flight time varies depending on the environment between 4 - 6 minutes. 

7. Amewi AFX-105

The AFX-105 is a faithful replica of one of the most famous helicopters - the Bölkow Bo 105. The newly designed 4-blade rotor head is controlled by a precise stabilization system and gives the model a completely new control feel thanks to Auto Start and Auto Landing. Thus it is now also possible for beginners to control a multi-blade helicopter without great prior knowledge. By pressing a button on the handy 2.4 GHz transmitter with metal sticks, the model can be launched effortlessly to a certain base altitude. There the model remains (hold altitude mode) and the model pilot can thus concentrate on the essential functions of the helicopter, without having to pay attention to the altitude. The gyro system also controls the tail rotor in the background and keeps the model stable in the air. For more agility in flight, the model has 3 speed levels (dual rate), which are equally interesting for beginners and advanced pilots. Thus, the model is also suitable for outdoor (in calm conditions) and reaches high speeds in forward flight. For landing, the start / landing button on the transmitter can be pressed again and the model sinks gently to the ground. The motor has soft start and soft cut. This means that during takeoff, the rotor turns slowly, preventing the model from spinning on its own axis. The same is true during landing, the rotor coasts down smoothly and the motor is automatically shut off. As an additional safety feature, the heli has a voltage monitor that permanently checks the battery in flight. When the base voltage is reached, the LED in the heli starts flashing, signaling to aim for landing as soon as possible. If the pilot does not react, the system lands the helicopter automatically to protect the battery. 

8. Revell Flash

In addition, the coaxial rotor system with electronic gyro and the intuitive IR remote control ensure easy flight characteristics. The two electric motors, which are powered by a LiPo battery, provide plenty of power. 

9. Autel Multicopter EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle Grey, RTF

Drive type: Electric brushless, Model design: RTF (Ready to Fly), Application area: Aerial photography, Platform type: Integrated, Needed for completion: Smartphone or tablet, Difficulty level: 1st beginner. 

Autel Multicopter EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle Grey, RTF
RC helicopter
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Autel Multicopter EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle Grey, RTF

10. Amewi Buzzard V2