Best products in the Headlamp accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Petzl Core

Lithium-ion battery 1250 mAh, which guarantees high light output even at low temperatures for the Tikkina, Tikka, Zipka, Actik, Actik Core, Tactikka, Tactikka + and Tactikka +RGB hybrid headlamps. It is charged directly via the integrated USB port. The Core battery is a cost-effective and sustainable solution as a main power supply or as a second battery. 

2. Petzl Accu Swift RL

Petzl Akku for Swift RL.

3. Petzl Noctilight

Noctilight is a translucent protective case for compact headlamps from Petzl, turning the lamp in the case into a lantern with different possibilities: It can be put up, hung up in a tent, attached to a belt, etc.
Noctilight is suitable for headlamps Tikkina, tikka, zipka, actik, actik core, reactik, reactik +, tactikka, tactikka + und tactikka +rgb.

4. Petzl Accu Nao

The replacement lithium-ion battery ensures a high light output for the NAO + headlamp even at low temperatures. Thanks to its integrated USB connection, it can be charged directly via a USB cable. 

5. Petromax Wearing parts set HK 500

The set includes, among other things, incandescent mantles, sealing rings, gaskets and clay burners. With it you have everything important as a replacement or for repair in a kit. 

6. Campingaz Spare glass Straight M

Spare glass for Campingaz lanterns. For Campingaz lamps Rhapsody 470, ND, Nda and 600 RL and Camping 206 L (until 1999). - Details: - base: Ø 80 mm - height: 80 mm 

7. Campingaz Spare glass round M

Replacement glass for Campingaz lanterns. For Campingaz lamps Bleuet CV 270 L/CV 300 L, Camping 206 L (from 1999), Lumo 206, Lumogaz 270 and 470, N 206, T 206, R and RPZ, Super Lumo and Super Lumogaz 206. 

8. Ledlenser Battery H7R.2

LED Lenser replacement battery for H7R.2. This is a lithium-ion battery.

9. Petzl NAO+ belt kit

The kit consists of an extension cord and a clip to attach the battery to a backpack, belt, etc. The kit also includes a battery charger. With the NAO + belt kit, the battery of the NAO + headlamp can be carried in a jacket pocket or on the belt to reduce the weight carried on the head. In winter, this system protects the battery from the cold, which increases the life of the lamp. 

10. Ledlenser 2x 14500 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

Voltage (V): 3.7. Capacity (Ah): 1.55. Technology: Li-Ion LiFePO4. Length (mm): 53. Width (mm): 29. Type: rechargeable battery.