Best products in the E-mobility accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Patona Premium Adapter Xiaomi E-Scooters

This has been specially designed with high safety, quality and absolute reliability in mind. They are ideal for professionals and frequent users for permanent and flexible use with high performance and long service life. The claim of the PATONA brand is the highest level of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. The perfectly compatible replica power supplies naturally include all electronic safety precautions, such as charge current limitation, temperature and overcurrent protection of the original power supplies and meet the highest European quality standards. 

2. Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire 8.5"

The electric scooter pneumatic tyre (8.5 inch) is compatible with Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite, Mi Electric Scooter 3, Mi Electric Scooter Essential, Mi Electric Scooter 1S, Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Electric Scooter Pro and Mi Electric Scooter. 

3. Xiaomi Electric Scooter Fast Charger

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Fast Charger offers an efficient and safe way to quickly recharge your E-scooter. With impressive power and diverse protective mechanisms, this charger is the perfect complement for owners of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro Max and the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus. Delivering 210W of power, it ensures rapid and efficient charging, fully replenishing your scooter in just 3 hours, allowing for more riding time and less waiting. Its Level 6 energy-efficient design achieves a maximum output efficiency of 95%, optimising performance while minimising energy consumption. Equipped with multiple protection features including safeguards against over and under-voltage, thermal damping tests, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, and overcurrent protection, it ensures your safety during the charging process. Exclusively designed for compatibility with the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro Max and Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus models, this charger guarantees a perfect fit and optimal performance. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Fast Charger stands as the ideal solution for owners seeking a quick, efficient, and secure charging option, offering powerful performance, energy-efficient design, and comprehensive protection mechanisms for smooth and convenient use of their E-scooters. 

4. T'nB 8.5" tube for e-scooter

8.5" tube for e-scooter

This tube for e-scooters is compatible with all e-scooters with 8.5" tyres. With a straight tyre valve, it is easy to inflate. It guarantees
optimal stability on the road and improves the shock absorption effect of the tyre.
Compatible with all e-scooters with 8.5" rims.

5. T'nB Battery chargers

This charger is specially designed for most e-scooters. The technical characteristics have been studied to be compatible with all devices on the market while allowing an optimal charging time, like the manufacturer's chargers. Two interchangeable connectors are included to adapt to any type of terminal. 

6. T'nB TNB E-Scooter/Bike Code Lock

E-Scooter/E-Bike Code Lock

Easily protect your bike or scooter from theft. The bike lock is locked with a 4-digit code that can be individually adjusted. The total
length of the lock is 120 cm. This gives you enough space to comfortably get around your bike frame or scooter and around a post or other street furniture. The cable with a diameter of 8 mm offers you complete security against theft. 

7. Homava 8.5" Inner Tube for Mi Scooter M365/ Pro/ Pro2

8. T'nB TNB E-Scooter/Bike Cable Lock

Secure your bike or scooter against theft with our loop lock. The cable is 1 metre long and has a diameter of 1 cm. The lock is very easy to attach: Pass the cable around the street furniture, then pass the head of the lock through the loop and tighten it as much as possible. Then pass the head of the lock around your bike or scooter. Slide the attachment point over the cable to create a loop around your vehicle and clip the anti-theft device in place to close it. Your anti-theft device is now installed. Use the key provided to unlock it. When you get back on the road, you can stow it in a bag or wrap it around your frame. 

9. Segway-Ninebot Externe Batterie für E25 Modelle

External Battery For E25 . Gris. Range extended to 45km with external battery. 36V - 215Wh - 5960mAh. Compatible with - E25E, E25D.

10. Segway-Ninebot ES Charger

This charger from Ninebot By Segway is designed for use with their ES1, ES2, ES2L, ES4, E22E, E22D, E45E and E45D KickScooter models. This is a complete charger with connection cable, charger and connection cable to the electric scooter.