Best products in the Car stereo installations category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Hama Car DIN adapter

For connecting a retrofit radio with ISO connection to a vehicle-specific plug. Loudspeaker, power and antenna supply (Fakra connection).

2. Double DIN orifice 002.102S1-0

Double DIN cover with painted surface for Skoda / Seat / VW. Original sheet metal frames of the trade devices with construction height 113mm can be used.

3. Hama Radio adapter cover 1-DIN for VW/Seat/Skoda

For installation of radios according to DIN standard instead of the original radio with removable storage compartment suitable for VW/Seat/Skoda. The original adeck frame of the retrofit unit must be removed or be removable, otherwise this radio bezel cannot be mounted correctly. Double DIN devices cannot be installed or inserted into this frame even if the storage compartment is omitted.

4. Hama Car adapter ISO-ISO

For connecting a retrofit radio with ISO connection to a vehicle-specific plug. Power supply: switched plus and continuous plus swapped.

5. Hama AUX-In adapter for Becker/Blaupunkt/VDO to 3.5 mm jack plug

For all Becker/Blaupunkt/VDO car radios with mini-ISO plug, 8-pin. The radio is connected to the changer connector (instead of the CD changer). The external source is connected via 3.5 mm jack plugs.

6. Rta RTA 004.008-0 Adapter cable

RTA 004.008-0 ISO adapter cable for converting from UNIVERSAL to ISO.

7. Hama Automotive Adapters ISO

For connecting a retrofit radio with ISO connection to a vehicle-specific plug. For radio-specific continuous plus/memory assignment.

8. Hama Adapter cable

You'll have to retrofit. Thanks to the high-quality "Loudspeaker Adapter Cable Set III", you can now easily install universal loudspeakers in all Opel, Seat and, with the exception of the "Taro", all VW models. If the loudspeakers in your Renault are in the doors, you may also replace them with retrofit devices of your choice. Retrofitting itself is child's play, as the clever adapter allows you to connect the new speakers directly to the loudspeaker cables installed on the vehicle. Quickly design the musical interior of your car according to your own personal needs and wishes with this adapter cable supplied in an attractive set of two. Should you ever buy a new car, you can uncouple the retrofit loudspeakers with a short jerk. This is just as quick as the assembly. Just clever. suitable for: Opel: all models Renault: all models Seat: all models VW: all models 

9. Rta Can Bus Adapter

Can-Bus Adapter for Audi, Opel, Seat, Skoda, VW. incl. Speedpulse and reverse.

10. Hama storage compartment

Ideal for storing small items such as handkerchiefs, pens etc. in the cockpit. Suitable for all DIN radio frames.