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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Garmin Edge Mountain Bike Mount

This mountain bike mount is specially designed for bikes with a short handlebar stem so you can take on any terrain. It is particularly suitable for off-road tours if you do not want to mount your Edge bike computer in front of the handlebars. 

2. Garmin Speed and cadence sensor

Easily mountable wireless sensors allow you to store your cadence and/or speed during the tour. Simply attach sensors and get started. You don't have to align magnets or other parts with each other. The sensors are mounted in no time and are easy to maintain. And they can easily be used on different bicycles. The cadence sensor is suitable for pedal cranks of all sizes and measures pedal revolutions per minute. So you can get the most out of your training. The speed sensor is mounted on one of the wheel hubs. It self-calibrates with the Edge and always provides accurate speed and distance data - even when training on the Turbo-Trainer. Use both sensors to increase your best performance or see how you compare to the pros. Send your live speed, distance and cadence data via ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy to our online platform Garmin Connect and to other training apps, compatible devices and fitness equipment to get comprehensive data of your indoor training and outdoor tours. Use the speed and cadence sensor 2 to improve your performance over time or see how you compare to friends or even pros.

Compatible to: Edge 1000, 1030, 130, 25, 510, 520, 530, 800, 810, 820, 830, Explore 1000, Explore 820, 500, Fenix 2, 3, 5, Chronos, Forerunner 230, 235, 310XT, 35, 630, 645, 735XT, 935, 620, 910XT, 920XT, Foretrex 601, 701, GPSMAP 66, 64, MARQ Oregon 600, 650,700, 750, tactix Varia Vision
VIRB 360, Ultra 360, Ultra 30, X, XE, vivoactive, vivoactive 3, vivosmart, D2, Approach, Descent, epix, eTrex

3. Garmin Cadence sensor 2

Save your cadence during the tour with this easy-to-mount cadence sensor. Magnets or other accessories are not required. The sensor is quickly mounted and easy to maintain. It can also be easily used on a variety of bicycles. 

4. Garmin Edge Aero

The mounting bracket is attached. This makes the display easier to read by positioning the device directly in the driver's field of vision and increases safety.
bracket can also be used with the Forerunner 910XT and 310XT in conjunction with an optional quick-change kit. Installation is very simple: remove the screws at the bottom, turn the inner support and replace the screws.

5. Garmin Aero Mount Edge

This Aero bike holder lets you take full advantage of the Edge 1030's features and stay ahead. The holder is in front. This allows better readability of the display by positioning the device directly in the driver's field of vision and increases safety. Special mounting design allows the new Garmin Charge Power Pack or Varia lighting products (sold separately) to be mounted below the Edge 1030. 

6. Garmin Edge

Attach the Edge to the bike's handlebar stem or handlebar with this replacement bike mount. Includes bicycle holder, rubber pads and rubber bands.

7. K-Edge GARMIN IHS Mount

World Tour tested and proven. The latest one-piece handlebar / stem systems require a first-class mount which positions your computer solidly forward aerodynamically.

8. Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence Sensoren

The Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed & Cadence sensors are uncomplicated and easy to use and provide all important information and data on current performance on the bike in a double pack.

With the Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed Speed Sensor you can measure your cycling speed. Simply attached to the front wheel hub, the device provides precise speed data and transmits it to ANT+ and Bluetooth bike computers or smartphones.

The Wahoo Fitness RPM Cadence cadence sensor is an uncomplicated small part with many advantages. It is easy to attach to a crank or cycling shoe and provides valuable data on cadence via Bluetooth or ANT+ technology to smartphones and cycling computers.

9. K-Edge Garmin Gravity Cap Mount

The Garmin device sits directly on the head tube and is therefore particularly suitable for steeper descents and with mounted handlebar drinking systems in triathlon.

10. Garmin Speed sensor 2

The article speed sensor 2 is ideally suited for . The product was manufactured by Garmin.