Top-rated products in the Softboxes + Reflectors category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Godox RFT-05 5in1 Kit

The foldable reflector kit gives you more control over the light for a more beautiful subject.

2. Aputure Light Dome II

Creates a large, uniformly illuminated area. Suitable for interviews, portraits or close-ups.

3. Walimex pro Pro 5 in 1 Faltreflektor wavy comfort

The Walimex pro 5in1 wavy folding reflector is a versatile reflector for the demanding photographer. The gold-silver surface offers a warm atmospheric reflection, perfect for skin tones, while the black surface can be used to darken motifs. The reflector is easy to transport, quick to assemble, easy to use and just as quick to stow away. The different surfaces offer various possibilities for the design of photos, but also in the video area. The folding reflector is the ideal companion for fast, sophisticated brightening or shading of motifs. Thanks to its two large, comfortable handles, it can easily be held by an assistant. But the 5in1 folding reflector is also equipped for mounting on tripods: Thanks to its 3/8" thread, it can also be attached to lamp tripods or other holding devices with the appropriate screw. The use of on location with the help of an assistant is particularly grateful, for example, in interview situations where there is no time for a long period of illumination.
The construction of the 5in1 folding reflector could hardly be more efficient: The actual reflector frame is permanently covered with a diffuser. With this you take light sources the hardness and the motive the hard shadow edges. The diffuser creates a flat, soft illumination of the motif from the punctual one. The reflector is supplied with a reversible cover with zipper, the four sides of which can be used individually:
Gold-Silver "wavy": This special coating consists of a zigzag pattern of alternating gold and silver stripes. Together they reflect the incident light, creating a warm soft yet bright illumination for the subject. This colour is particularly suitable for skin tones, as sunlight also gets a warmer tone.
White: The classic reflector colour for brightening with soft light. The light is not reflected selectively as with silver, but loses intensity because it bounces off the reflector in a spherical shape. But the light effect is similar to that of a diffuser.
Silver: Guarantees maximum light output, which can work wonders in bad weather conditions. Silver is not recommended in full sun.
Black: The black side of the reversible cover naturally reflects almost no light. It is suitable for indirect use to reduce reflections, but is actually intended for direct shading.
The "pop-up" principle, known from small tents, is also the ideal solution for reflectors like these. A ring of flexible material stretches the reflector. When folded, it occupies less than half the diameter. When unpacking, the ring jumps to full size and the reflector is mounted in less than a second. After use, remove the cover and simply fold the reflector back together again: All you have to do is deform the ring as if you wanted to create an eight on a bicycle. Turn the two handles further against each other until you have an 8. You can then place the two rings on top of each other - et voilá. Then immediately pack the reflector in its bag so that it cannot jump up again.

4. Aputure Light Dome Mini II

21.5" Softbox | Dual Diffusers | Fast Setup | Gel holder included | 40° Honeycomb Grid

5. Godox SB-FW95

The Godox series SB-FW softbox gives better control over the light beam and the pictures are more contrasting, although the softness of lighting characteristic of softboxes is still present. The construction of the softbox is based on a metal ring, which quick and easily fastens elastic rods, responsible for the strong and even skin tightening. The plating is made of a rip-stop nylon fabric thanks to which softboxes are very resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time very light. The interior is covered with a silvery, neutral color reflective layer. In addition to the main scattering layer, the softbox is equipped with an additional internal diffuser, made of white material with a high coefficient of light scattering. At the front of the softbox there is a collar for mounting the honeycomb (included). The Softbox is equipped with a Bowens mounting ring. 

6. Nanlite Parabolische Softbox 60cm

The Nanlite Forza 60 Softbox. A travel-friendly deep parabolic softbox designed to be the perfect companion to the Forza 60 LED with a removable front diffuser, silver interior and a fast set up speed ring.

7. Walimex Shield softbox Reflector

It is also very popular in product photography. The silver reflective surface ensures optimum reflection of the light without soft light characteristics. Thanks to the drawstring and zipper, the softbox fits perfectly to the studio flash, preventing the light from shining through. The Softbox is compatible with all commercially available studio flashes. The umbrella is of extremely high quality and captivates with its noble optics. Both the tip and the frame are made of metal for greater stability and longer life. The metal stem end is reinforced, making it easier to insert into the reflector holder on the studio flash. 

8. Aputure Fresnel 2x Mount

After user feedback and groundbreaking research and development, the Fresnel 2X was developed. The new design features two optical elements, a larger 6" Fresnel front lens, improved ventilation and minimized light leakage, making it the ultimate Bowens Mount Fresnel. The Fresnel 2X has a double lens design. The rear lens focuses and enlarges the beam onto the larger 6" Fresnel front lens, which prevents light loss. The optical double lens design makes the Fresnel 2X twice as powerful as the original Aputure Fresnel and makes the 120D II up to 14 times brighter and breathes new life into your luminaires. Using a new rotating drum design, the Fresnel 2X creates an intuitive user interface similar to a camera lens. The smooth focus throw gives the user the ability to precisely determine the beam angle of his light source so you can easily spot or flood your light with a simple twist. 

9. Walimex Folding reflector per 107cm

The reflector with golden coating is very well suited for portrait photography or as effect or fill-in light. Due to its colour it provides a warm light characteristic and a romantic mood. It is hard to imagine portrait and product photography without the silver reflector as effect light. It provides an incomparably hard and cool light characteristic. Due to their design, round reflectors are ideal for both portrait and product photography. Whether as brightening or effect light, these reflectors are always the first choice. The foldable reflector is of excellent quality. Its sewn extra strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free reflection surfaces. Used as a background, this reduces the post-processing time on the PC. The fabric carrying bag protects the reflector from dirt. The reflector can be folded to a very small packing size and can therefore be taken everywhere. 

10. Godox ADS65S

AD-S65S softbox is widely used for commercials, movies, portrait photography, weddings, etc. Godox Mount Design allows you to easily use with Godox AD400Pro, AD600 TTL Flash, AD600 Manual Godox Mount Flash. A key feature of this parabolic deep softbox design is the quick release umbrella frame, which allows one to easily set up the softbox without any assembly. Fits Godox AD400pro.

The AD-S65S softbox
is based on a quick-fold mechanism. Thanks to this, it is very easy to prepare it, connect it to the lamp, start the session and then quickly pack it away. The softbox is delivered in a handy case, which is easy to transport and store. Standard Godox bayonet mount with AD400PRO for easy and quick installation of the lamp for photographers. Provides more comfortable film quality lighting effects. The internal reflector has a gold and silver colored spacer that helps in capturing a warm light.