Top-rated products in the Rearview cameras category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Pioneer ND-BC8

This high-quality universal camera transmits a mirror image to your media center and also shows you what the rear-view mirrors are hiding. The highly sensitive camera offers an image angle of 129°. The integrated CMOS sensor automatically adjusts the optimum brightness, both in bright and dark conditions. With a resolution of 310,000 pixels, the image sensor is as precise as it is sensitive. The camera even corrects overexposure by removing the white stripes that can be caused by direct sunlight. The ND-BC8 can be connected to any Pioneer system with rear camera input. A 10 meter connection cable is included. 

2. Garmin BC 40

The high-quality wide-angle lens transmits the situation behind the vehicle to the display of your compatible Garmin navigation system via Wi-Fi. The camera housing is robust and waterproof and thus suitable for all weather conditions. The BC 40 rear view camera can be easily and flexibly mounted on your camper, caravan or trailer thanks to the adjustable screw mount. The camera can be used completely without a cable connection. Simply insert the 2 AA batteries (not included) into the camera and pair it with your Garmin navigation system - and you're ready to go on your adventure. The BC 40 is compatible with: Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D, Garmin Camper 780 with Digital Traffic Radio, Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S, Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S, Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S, Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S, Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa, Garmin DriveTrack 71. Wireless image transmission starts automatically when the paired sat nav is turned on. If you put the car in forward gear, the BC 40 is deactivated. In addition, you can also control the BC 40 reversing camera at any time via voice command. This keeps your hands comfortably on the steering wheel. Bracket included. 

3. Kenwood Corp. CMOS-230

The CMOS-230 is a compact color camera that can be installed almost anywhere on and in the vehicle. It features CMOS technology, an image resolution of 330,000 pixels and a viewing angle of 128° horizontal / 103° vertical. 

4. Garmin Connection cable

Use this cable to send video and traffic information to your compatible navigation device when using the babyCam or the wireless BC30 rear view camera. This cable preserves the original traffic subscription that came with your navigation device. If the navigation device did not include a traffic broadcast, this cable only allows wireless reception of video data. 

5. Garmin Extension cable GA101204310

Extend the range of your BC20 or BC30 wireless reversing camera with this 15 m long cable. The cable connects the camera to the wireless transmitter in longer vehicles.

6. Uzone Rear view camera

With digital wireless transmission, auto camera rear view camera provides a stable image that recreates what you see directly behind your car. This allows you to see your rear blind spot without interference or flicker. The radio range (75 feet) is long enough to be compatible with a range of universal vehicles.

Car dash cams attach instantly to any metal surface via an extra strong magnetic base with no hardware required. There is no cable from the reversing monitor to the reversing camera, eliminating the tedious installation process. Since the transmitter is cleverly designed into the camera, there is no need for extra installation. Complete kits and easy installation save time.

The adjustable gooseneck mount of the wireless rear view camera with monitor can be adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle. The images on the car mirror monitor screen are clear and legible. The diagonal viewing angle of 120 ° works great With the blind spot, you know you are reversing safely. 6 automatic infrared night vision lights provide night vision even in the dark of night.

7. Garmin BC40

The rugged, wireless BC 40 Rearview Camera easily mounts to your side-by-side or other off-road vehicle so you can see the terrain and obstacles ahead and behind you on the display of your compatible Garmin navi1. Installation is quick and easy. No drilling. No cables. Attach the mount to the vehicle's tubular frame, instrument panel or roll cage and insert the camera. Pair the BC 40 wirelessly with a Wi-Fi enabled Garmin navi1 to see the camera view on the navi's display. The BC 40 does not need to be hardwired to the vehicle's power supply. Just insert 2 AA batteries (lithium batteries recommended; sold separately) and you're ready to go. The BC 40 transmits data over a distance of up to 13 m to provide a clear wide-screen view of the conditions in front of or behind your vehicle. Operate the camera with simple voice commands such as "Show video" to open the BC Camera view on your sat nav1. (Voice control not available in all countries). The BC 40 is rugged and weather resistant (IPX7 waterproof) and can take on difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions. 

8. AutoVox Rear view camera system Wireless 4.3

Wireless rear view camera set with 4.3" inch/11 cm LCD monitor, wireless parking aid 12V-24V with IP68 waterproof digital rear view camera with very good night vision Extra help when parking: RVS 401 can be tilted by approx. 30° to perceive particularly low-lying obstacles that even parking sensors of the parking aid could not detect. Stabilised radio connection without interference: Thanks to digital technology, a perfect image is transmitted from the car camera installed at the rear of the number plate without interference. Foreign signals from other radio rear view cameras are blocked. 6 types of distance auxiliary lines: The auxiliary lines can be selected according to the installation height. This makes parking in narrow parking spaces particularly easy. The auxiliary lines can also be switched off in the settings menu. Camera image mirroring: Because the camera image can be mirrored, this system can also be used as a front camera. 

9. Aplic Rückfahrkamera, Einparkhilfe mit 4x Parksensoren, Kamera & 4,3" Monitor mit Nachtsicht

Park stress-free and at the same time prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle and the often associated high repair costs when parking and backing out. With the Aplic parking system, you have the option of equipping your vehicle with additional parking sensors and a rear view camera to park stress-free in the future. The parking system gives you additional safety when parking and backing out (manoeuvring) to prevent unnecessary damage such as scratches and dents to the vehicle as well as accidents. The TFT monitor allows you to better detect obstacles. Signal tones emit an acoustic warning to alert you to obstacles in good time. The closer an object is, the more frequently you hear an acoustic warning, so that it is still possible to take countermeasures in good time. 

Aplic Rückfahrkamera, Einparkhilfe mit 4x Parksensoren, Kamera & 4,3" Monitor mit Nachtsicht
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Aplic Rückfahrkamera, Einparkhilfe mit 4x Parksensoren, Kamera & 4,3" Monitor mit Nachtsicht

10. Garmin Camper mount

With this mount you can install a compatible automotive camera not on the license plate, but in a different location on your camper or caravan. Garmin strongly recommends that the bracket be installed by a technician experienced with caravans and motor homes and with sealing. Failure to install the mount properly could damage the vehicle or camera.