Top-rated products in the Electric kettles category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Philips Kettle HD9350/94

Long-life food grade stainless steel kettle for long-term and reliable daily use. The development of this elegant and durable kettle from Philips is the result of 60 years of trust and experience. 

2. Russell Hobbs Retro

Russell Hobbs' Retro Ribbon Red breakfast range combines timeless design with modern technology. In the style of the 50s, but without abandoning modern technology, this series provides a very special flair in the kitchen. The 2,400 watt Retro Ribbon Red kettle shows the temperature reached with the stylish Retro water temperature display. The kettle also has all the important features, such as the covered heating element, the pressure cooker function and the "Perfect Pour" spout for perfect pouring. 

3. Philips Avance Collection

4 preset buttons for selecting your favourite drink and ingredients.
The preset temperature settings of 40, 60, 80 and 100 °C ensures that your baby milk, tea, instant
coffee, soup or noodles are at the right temperature. Always consult the manufacturer of your beverage to find out which temperature should be used to obtain optimal drinks.

Up to 69% energy saving with the cup indicator
The practical water level indicator with one-cup indicator ensures that you only boil the amount of water you need. This saves both energy (one cup of water at 250 ml compared to 1 l) and water and helps to protect our environment.

Micro-sieve filter captures tiny limescale particles
The removable micro-sieve filter on the spout captures even the smallest particles of limescale, as small as 200 microns, ensuring clear water in the cup.

Flat heating element for boiling hot water in seconds
The concealed stainless steel heating element provides boiling hot water in no time and is very easy to clean.

Multi-stage safety system with boil-dry protection
Multi-stage safety system with dry-boil protection for automatic shut-off when the water boils.

Spring-loaded lid with large opening for easy cleaning
The lid opens easily at the touch of a button, preventing any contact with steam. The large opening makes cleaning easy.

Easy to read water level indicator
The water level is easy to read below the handle.

Power indicator lights up when the kettle is switched on.
An elegant built-in light indicator in the on/off switch lights up when the kettle is switched on.

Food-safe stainless steel (SUS304)
Food-safe stainless steel (SUS304) metal parts guarantee a safe and clean cup of water.

Keep warm function keeps the water at the preset temperature level*.
The keep-warm function keeps the water in your kettle at the selected temperature level so you don't have to boil it again.

Strix control unit
The UK-designed Strix control unit features a multi-level safety system with dry-boil protection to automatically shut off when the water boils or the kettle is removed from the base.

4. Smeg 50's retro style with temperature control

The water boiler 50's in retro style from SMEG has a power of 2400 watts and convinces not only with a beautiful aesthetics, but also with pleasant features. A water level indicator is integrated in the jug of the kettle, which provides information about the amount of water in litres and cups. In addition, a removable anti-calcification filter is directly integrated. The heating of the water can be regulated in the temperature range between 50° and 100° Celsius over seven temperature levels with an LED status display. An acoustic signal indicates the start and attainment of the desired temperature. This is possible thanks to electronic temperature monitoring. When the target temperature is reached, the kettle switches off automatically. This also happens when there is too little water in the pot. With the Keep-Warm function you can keep the water warm for 20 minutes. The warm-keeping function is operated and started via integrated pushbuttons. The kettle has a can housing and a lock on painted stainless steel. The plastic handle with chrome-plated handle insert makes the kettle very easy to handle. It is equipped with a backlit stainless steel ball handle for temperature selection. At the same time, the pushbuttons for start and warm-keeping function also have lighting, which ensures good visibility. The stainless steel spout is easy to clean. With a soft-opening can top, the can top is easy to open at the push of a button. Non-slip adjustable feet ensure a safe stand. The underside also features an integrated practical power cord storage made of chrome-plated plastic. Due to the wireless 360° operation, the kettle can be used comfortably. With the keep warm function you can always keep your water at the same temperature. The kettle continuously measures the specified temperature and heats the water again automatically if it falls below the specified value. Enjoy your hot drink at any time at your preferred temperature. With the help of the automatic switch-off, the kettle immediately stops heating the water as soon as the desired temperature is reached - the water boils. Integrated in the kettle is a temperature sensor, which is orientated to the temperature of the rising steam and thus ends the process. In addition, this automatic system protects the material and reduces energy consumption. However, you should never leave a kettle unattended for long periods of time. 

Smeg 50's retro style with temperature control (1.70 l)
Electric kettles
175.– CHF

Smeg 50's retro style with temperature control

1.70 l

5. Xiaomi MI Smart Kettle Pro

Xiaomi MI Smart Kettle Pro. The smart and intelligent kettle. Brew water the smart way. Control the water temperature with your smartphone. Through the Mi Home app you define the desired water temperature, set the time how long the temperature should be kept, once or constantly up to 12 hours and much more. The high-quality stainless steel container and the large opening allow for easy cleaning. In addition, the kettle with its noble and simple design is an eye-catcher in every kitchen. Simple control at the touch of a button on the kettle or via iOS and Android smartphone using the Mi Home app. Temperature control time up to 12 hours. Clear to read display with real-time temperature readout. Predefined temperature profiles for optimal preparation of baby food and tea. Fast boil function (5 minutes). 360° rotating base station with cable. Stainless steel inner layer with thermal insulation. Intelligent control of water temperature. Triple safety protection with automatic shut-off. An adapter is required. 

6. Gastroback Cool touch

Gastroback electric kettle Design cool touch 1.5 l silver, colour: silver, power consumption operation: 2200 W, material: stainless steel, capacity: 1.5 l, features electric kettle: automatic switch-off, cable winder, temperature regulator, overheating protection, warming function, water/lime filter, water level indicator 

7. Tefal safe to touch

The Tefal kettle Safe to touch 1.5 l with its simple, black design can be integrated into any kitchen. The stainless steel inner pot has a capacity of 1.5 litres and its concealed heating element ensures minimal calcification. The double-walled insulation keeps the boiled water warm for up to 30 minutes. With its operation at the touch of a button and automatic switch-off, the energy saver is also convincing. 

8. Smeg 50's Retro Style

Thanks to their rounded shapes and vibrant 50s colours, the new SMEG fixed-temperature kettles (100° Celsius) make a powerful statement in any kitchen and heat water extremely efficiently thanks to the latest technology.In a convenient way and in a very short time, the new SMEG fixed-temperature kettles (100° Celsius) heat up to 1.7 litres of water to 100° Celsius thanks to a power of 2,400 watts and 360° cordless operation. In addition, SMEG's fixed-temperature (100° Celsius) kettles feature a convenient jug lock that opens the jug lid at the touch of a button, a dual level indicator in litres and number of cups, a removable anti-limescale filter, and switch off automatically when the temperature reaches 100° Celsius or is too low SMEG - An Italian company with style SMEG is an Italian household appliance manufacturer headquartered in Guastalla in the northern Italian province of Reggio Emilia. SMEG is represented worldwide by over 18 subsidiaries. For more than 60 years, SMEG appliances, designed in collaboration with world-famous architects, have been expressing the classic and elegant home styles of our time. The SMEG Group is recognized worldwide as the excellence of Made in Italy, thanks to its corporate culture that always aims for the maximum in quality, technology and product design. 

9. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana - Sicily is my love

"Sicily is my Love" is the name of the new collection of small kitchen appliances from Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg: one of the gems is the kettle, decorated with motifs of traditional Sicilian handcarts. Thanks to their rounded shapes and vibrant 1950s colours, the new SMEG fixed-temperature (100° Celsius) kettles make a powerful statement in any kitchen and heat water extremely efficiently thanks to the latest technology. The new SMEG kettles with fixed temperature (100° Celsius) heat up to 1.7 litres of water to 100° Celsius conveniently and in the shortest possible time thanks to an output of 2,400 watts and 360° cordless operation. In addition, the SMEG kettles with fixed temperature (100° Celsius) feature a convenient jug lid that opens at the touch of a button, a dual level indicator in litres and number of cups, a removable anti-limescale filter, and switch off automatically when the water level reaches 100° Celsius or is too low. 

10. WMF KitchenMinis Vario

Hot water is not the same as hot water in the new WMF Küchenminis Vario glass kettle. Five different temperature levels make any kind of water preparation possible - including the right temperature for tea. The special extra: the integrated tea preparation with tea bag holder and aroma micro strainer. Simply pour tea and enjoy. Made of heat-resistant Duran glass from Schott Duran and with a capacity of one litre, the WMF Küchenminis Vario glass kettle is the space-saving version for the small kitchen.