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1. CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for HP

0.6Wh Li-ion 3V 200mAh Green,.

2. CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Dell

0.60Wh Li-ion 3V 200mAh.

3. CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Acer

CoreParts MBXCMOS-BA003. Tipo: Batteria RTC, Compatibilità marca: Acer, Compatibilità: 5920, 5920G, TravelMate 3200, TravelMate 3202 XCi.

CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Acer
Motherboard accessories
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CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Acer

4. CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Lenovo

CoreParts MBXCMOS-BA032. Tipo: Batteria RTC, Compatibilità marca: Lenovo, Compatibilità: Thinkpad X100E, ThinkPad X100e 2876, ThinkPad X100e 3506, ThinkPad X100e.

5. CoreParts Battery for Backup

CoreParts MBXBU-BA0008. Type: Battery.

6. CoreParts CMOS/Backup Battery for Sony

CoreParts MBXCMOS-BA041. Type: RTC battery, Brand compatibility: Sony, Compatibility: VAIO PCG-7134M, VAIO PCG-7154M, VAIO PCG-C1C, VAIO PCG-C1MAH, VAIO PCG-C1.

7. CoreParts Battery for Payment Terminal

CoreParts MBXPOS-BA0408. Tipo: Batteria, Compatibilità: VeriFone, Colore del prodotto: Verde. Quantità per pacco: 1 pz.

8. CoreParts Backup Battery for Samsung

CoreParts MBXBU-BA0005. Type: Battery, Brand compatibility: Samsung.

9. CoreParts Battery for CMOS / BackUp

CoreParts MBXCMOS-BA058. Battery technology: Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Battery voltage: 3.7 V, Battery capacity: 0.93 Wh. Width: 20 mm, Depth: 4 mm, Height: 41 mm. Packaging width: 20 mm, Packaging depth: 4 mm, Packaging height: 41 mm. 

10. CoreParts CMOS Battery for Mitsubishi

CoreParts MBXCMOS-BA036. Compatibilité de marque: Mitsubishi, Couleur du produit: Vert.