Best Viltrox products in the Lens adapters category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Viltrox products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Viltrox Viltrox EF-M2

The Viltrox EF-M2 Speed Booster (Focal Reducer) is an adapter that allows you to use a Canon EF lens on an MFT camera. With this adapter you increase the focal length of your lens by 0.71x. The Speed Booster supports autofocus and is easy to install. 

2. Viltrox EF-GFX PRO Lens Mount Adapter Ring

3. Viltrox EF-FX1

Viltrox EF-FX1 mount adapter is designed for Canon EF/EF-S series lens to be perfectly mounted on Fuji X-mount mirrorless cameras.It is made of metal with surface plating treatment, being durable and sturdy. Built-with electronic contacts, it supports auto focus, adjust aperture, and EXIF signal transmission. Firmware can be upgraded by a USB port. 

4. Viltrox EF-E II

The EF-E II electronic adapter from Viltrox (F Booster) has been the second generation of this type since the end of 2014. As with the previous generation, the built-in optic increases the incidence of light by one F-stop and reduces the focal length by 0.71x. Like the last EF-NEX IV, the new F Booster has a USB port to update the firmware and a switch to select the focus mode CDAF or PDAF. Note: not compatible for full frame NEX Series cameras. 

5. Viltrox NF-E1

All functions of the camera and lens are retained: EXIF and exposure-relevant data is transferred to the camera, so the exposure metering and also the autofocus can be used to the full extent. Simple screwing and unscrewing allows quick lens changes, while a locking and unlocking switch ensures a firm connection between adapter and camera. The adapter is precisely and stably worked and convinces with its robust exterior. 

6. Viltrox NF-M1

Viltrox Lens Mount Adapter Ring.

7. Viltrox EF-EOS M2

EF-EOS M2 auto focus allow Canon EF-mount series lenses to be used on interchangeable-lens digital cameras that compatible with EF-M lens.

8. Viltrox Lens Adaptor EF-L PRO Positive locking EF

Camera accessory type: Lens accessories, Compatible camera manufacturers: Sigma, Leica, Panasonic.

Viltrox Lens Adaptor EF-L PRO Positive locking EF
Lens adapters

Viltrox Lens Adaptor EF-L PRO Positive locking EF

9. Viltrox PL-L lens adapter

Camera accessory type: Lens accessories, Compatible manufacturers: Leica, Sigma, Panasonic.

10. Viltrox PL-16 Lens Hood