Best Manfrotto products in the Lamp tripods category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Manfrotto products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Manfrotto 1005BAC Ranker

The new Babylight tripods are here! Their stability due to the use of high-quality materials, their low weight, the standard air suspension and their compact transport mass make the Babylight tripods the ideal and reliable companion for all lighting tasks in the studio and on set. 

Manfrotto 1005BAC Ranker (273 cm, 10 kg)
Lamp tripods
125.– CHF

Manfrotto 1005BAC Ranker

273 cm, 10 kg

2. Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact

Reliable, stable and compact. The compact Mini lamp tripod with air suspension is an extremely compact tripod that will exceed your expectations. It is extremely light and offers an amazing load capacity and working height. Thanks to the 4 segments, it can be folded compactly in a matter of seconds and easily transported or stored in the studio to save space.

Another great feature of this compact lamp tripod is the air suspension. It ensures smooth, safe movements and prevents accidental pinching of fingers and strong vibrations of the equipment. The tripod, which can be folded to a compact transport size, weighs only 1.8 kg.

Despite its low weight, it has a load capacity of up to 5 kg. It can therefore be easily combined with a wide variety of equipment. The 3 pull-outs make it easy to set the desired position and can be locked securely. In addition, the tripod can be connected to other tripods for easy transport.

Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact (211 cm, 4 kg)
Lamp tripods
77.90 CHF

Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact

211 cm, 4 kg

3. Manfrotto 1004BAC Master

The Master lamp tripod is compact and easy to transport. It's an absolute must-have for any photographer. It is made from lightweight and reliable aluminium and offers an amazing load capacity of up to 9 kg.

This tripod, which is also available as a set of 3, features the innovative Quick-Stack system, which allows several tripods to be assembled for transport or storage. The Master lamp tripod comprises tubes in lengths of 18, 20, 23 and 30 cm. The possibility of connecting the tripods is an extremely innovative, space-saving idea.

In your pocket the tripods can be easily stowed away and brought to the place of use. Or they can be stored neatly in a more compact bag for storage in the studio.

The Master lamp tripod has 3 drawers. Air cushioning facilitates quick height adjustment and prevents accidental pinching of fingers and strong vibrations of the equipment. Thanks to the large 106 cm installation surface, the tripod can also be set up stably on uneven ground.

Manfrotto 1004BAC Master (366 cm, 9 kg)
Lamp tripods
125.– CHF

Manfrotto 1004BAC Master

366 cm, 9 kg

4. Manfrotto 420NSB Boom Stand

Maximum stability is guaranteed. The counterweight must be ordered separately. This portable boom stand can be easily transported and also used as a normal tripod.

Manfrotto 420NSB Boom Stand (392 cm, 9 kg)
Lamp tripods
188.– CHF

Manfrotto 420NSB Boom Stand

392 cm, 9 kg

5. Manfrotto C-Stand Kit 33

The Avenger C-Stand Kit with 1 m extension arm and Griphead is the ideal addition to your studio setup. The A2033 is made of chromed steel, weatherproof and extremely robust. It has 2 extensions and thus reaches a maximum height of 325 cm. In addition to the tripod, the kit includes a grip head with various hole diameters for accessories and a 40" extension arm (101 cm) with grip head, on which you can mount lights, flags, mics or other accessories.

C-Stands are the "workhorses" of light and accessory stands. The unique C-Stand design allows the stands to be placed all the way up against a wall or multiple stands to be placed very close to each other. The A2033 tripod has a so-called "sliding leg", a tripod leg that can be vertically adjusted in height. This allows the tripod to be leveled on uneven terrain or positioned on stairs, for example. For transport, the curved tripod legs are simply folded flat. However, due to their design, the C-stands are a little bulkier to transport than conventional tripods.

Manfrotto C-Stand Kit 33 (328 cm, 10 kg)
Lamp tripods
243.– CHF

Manfrotto C-Stand Kit 33

328 cm, 10 kg

6. Manfrotto 1052BAC

The new Babylight tripods are here! Their stability due to the use of high-quality materials, their low weight, the standard air suspension and their compact transport mass make the Babylight tripods the ideal and reliable companion for all lighting tasks in the studio and on set. 

7. Manfrotto Tripod, 1004BAC-3 Single

- Set of 3 Master lamp tripod , which you can set up according to your needs. The tripods are made of aluminium and have a load capacity of 9 kg.

- They are extremely
light and durable. Thanks to the compact design, they can be easily transported from one place of use to the next.

- The innovative Quick Stack system makes it easy to connect several Master tripods together. Each tripod is available individually or as a set.

- With tubes in lengths of 18, 20, 23 and 30 cm, the Master Lamp Tripod is extremely versatile and suitable for many different scenarios.

- Thanks to the space-saving design, it fits easily into your equipment bag and is hardly noticeable. The Master lamp tripods are also ideal for demanding outdoor shots.

Manfrotto Tripod, 1004BAC-3 Single (366 cm, 9 kg)
Lamp tripods
358.– CHF

Manfrotto Tripod, 1004BAC-3 Single

366 cm, 9 kg

8. Manfrotto Heavy Duty

This solid, weatherproof chrome steel tripod has an adjustable leg for uneven surfaces. It can be extended from 1.3 3.3 m by means of two extensions and has a 28 mm connection as well as a removable 16 mm spigot. The air suspension ensures comfortable working. 

9. Manfrotto Nanopoles

The Manfrotto Nanopole tripod is the new lightweight tripod that has a load capacity of 1.5 kg and excellent stability. It is a universal light stand for small flash units, umbrellas or compact lights. The middle rod can be easily removed by pressing a button and can be used as a boom (held by hand or fixed with a clamp).

Manfrotto Nanopole can be used in many different variations for many different situations and promises the photographer new exciting possibilities to realize his ideas. Included is a hook for a sandbag and an adjustable leg, which can be helpful on uneven terrain. It is ideal for lighting "on location" or in the studio.

The sturdy Manfrotto Nanopole light stand carries lighting equipment up to 1,5 kg with a low own weight. With the Nanopole, you get two products in one: the center column is removable and can thus easily be used as a boom. Simply press on the Manfrotto logo at the base of the tripod and the centre column detaches from the base.

The Manfrotto Nanopole opens up many new creative possibilities for the photographer. A hook for a sandbag can be used to further stabilize the tripod and an extendable leg provides compensation for uneven terrain. Thus, it is the ideal tripod for the studio as well as for outdoor shoots.

Manfrotto Nanopoles (182.80 cm, 1.50 kg)
Lamp tripods
191.– CHF

Manfrotto Nanopoles

182.80 cm, 1.50 kg

10. Manfrotto Wind-Up

The Wind Up lamp tripod with 3 segments and crank center column in silver is the ultimate lamp tripod for professionals looking for a stable, reliable, absolutely user-friendly and intuitive lighting solution. This extremely practical tripod can be set up in a stable manner regardless of where it is used and ensures perfect lighting. It has a maximum load capacity of 30 kg and is therefore up to any challenge.

To position the equipment, simply extend the two practical segments with the help of the crank. In just a few steps you bring the tripod to the desired height. It is absolutely precise. Each turn of the crank corresponds to exactly 4.5 cm. The crank center column ensures smooth movements and is extremely safe even with larger loads. For easy set-up on uneven ground and outdoors, the tripod has a leveling leg. This allows for easy compensation of any height differences.

Another feature of this sophisticated lamp tripod is its elegant, chrome-plated steel body. The steel ensures high durability and guarantees a long useful life. This powerful lamp stand has a maximum height of 3.70m. It features safety cables that keep your equipment in place while you work and prevent accidental slipping.