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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best be quiet! products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. be quiet! Pure Rock 2

Four heatpipes with aluminium caps transport the heat efficiently to the cooling fins, while the noise-optimised fan with high-quality sleeve bearing ensures the optimum balance between necessary cooling and quiet running. Thanks to its compact design, the Pure Rock is compatible with all standard Intel and AMD sockets and can be integrated even where space is limited. 

2. be quiet! Dark Rock 4

The Dark Rock 4 offers an extremely high cooling capacity of 200W TDP and is almost inaudibly quiet in operation. Perfect for demanding systems and overclocked CPUs. The Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan is equipped with nine airflow-optimised fan blades, a smooth-running 6-pole motor and a durable Fluid Dynamic bearing. Vibration-isolating elements attached to the heat sink enable decoupled fan mounting. Uncompromisingly quiet cooling of superlatives for demanding, overclocked systems. The Dark Rock 4 achieves a performance of an impressive 200W TDP and ensures low system temperatures even when the CPU is running at full speed. 

be quiet! Dark Rock 4 (159.40 mm)
CPU coolers
62.– CHF

be quiet! Dark Rock 4

159.40 mm

3. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5

The Dark Rock Pro 5 has 7 high-performance copper heatpipes and a special black coating with ceramic particles. The 2 Silent Wings PWM fans are equipped with durable Fluid Dynamic bearings, smooth-running 6-pole motors and airflow-optimised fan blades. A speed switch allows you to choose between 2 modes, each of which affects the maximum speed and the PWM curve. The "Quiet" mode offers a maximum fan speed of up to 1500 rpm and is the perfect choice for everyday applications. The "Performance" mode allows the Silent Wings fans to rotate at up to 2000 rpm and unleashes the full power of the Dark Rock Pro 5. The removable mesh cover with integrated centre fan is inserted from above. A completely black mounting kit with pre-installed mounting bridge and fastening screws perfectly matches the black design of the cooler. Thanks to a nickel-plated cooling plate, the Dark Rock Pro 5 is compatible with liquid metal thermal compound such as the DC2 Pro. The properties of the liquid metal compound in combination with the Dark Rock Pro 5 enable high-end CPUs to achieve even higher performance. 

4. be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2

be quiet. Pure Rock Slim 2 is particularly suitable for quiet and compact multimedia systems. Thanks to its compact dimensions, Pure Rock Slim 2 is the perfect choice for PC cases with limited space. The asymmetrical design allows the complete configuration of RAM memory banks. For this reason, the cooler is compatible with a wide range of components and allows many configuration options. The Pure Rock Slim 2 has three heat pipes with aluminium caps. These are the key to its high cooling performance, as they transport the heat optimally to the cooling fins. 

be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 (135 mm)
CPU coolers
24.70 CHF

be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2

135 mm

5. be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX

6. be quiet! Dark Rock Elite

- High-end CPU cooler of the Dark Rock series - Extreme cooling efficiency (280W TDP), noise-optimised cooling - Nine-blade 2x 135mm SilentWings 3 PWM fans - Seven high-performance heatpipes - ARGB LEDs for great visual effects. 

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite (168 mm)
CPU coolers
104.– CHF

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite

168 mm

7. be quiet! Dark Rock Slim

8. be quiet! Pure Rock LP

Be quiet! Pure Rock LP CPU coolerCompact and quiet cooling. The Pure Rock LP fits into even the tightest systems and is the ideal CPU cooler for ultra-compact Mini-ITX systems. 

9. be quiet! Shadow Rock 3

Shadow Rock 3 offers impressive cooling and whisper-quiet operation. Perfect for all. The Shadow Rock 3 offers impressive cooling performance. It's the perfect choice for design-minded users looking for quiet operation and peak performance for their air-cooled system. The two-tone brushed aluminium top cover also impresses with exceptional elegance in this premium cooler segment. 

10. be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2