Sewing machines

With a sewing machine, you can sew fabric at home and mend your own clothes. At Galaxus, you'll find a variety of sewing and embroidery machines from well-known brands like Singer, Brother and Husqvarna.

Choose the sewing machine model that best suits your needs. If you simply want to shorten a pair of pants or sew on a button, you can buy a classic sewing machine. These types of machines are also called free arm sewing machines. However, depending on the price range, they may differ in their main functions. With cheaper free arm sewing machines, you can usually only sew, while with those in the higher price range, you can both sew and embroider. High-end free-arm sewing machines have a built-in computer with preset embroidery functions and automatically select stitch length and width. Thus, you'll be successful at embroidery, even if you're not an expert.

In addition to classic sewing machines, there are also overlockers. If you want to unleash your creativity and sew your own clothes, then you need an overlocker. In fact, with overlocking sewing machines you can sew the edges of fabrics and neatly cut the excess edges of fabrics. Overlocks originally came from the textile industry and have been used in the professional sector for a long time. Nowadays there are models suitable for individuals as well.

If you are mainly interested in embroidery, an embroidery machine is the right choice. There are two types: the pure embroidery machine, without additional functions, and the combined models, which are both sewing and embroidery machine at the same time. If you just want to embroider, one embroidery machine is enough. If you want to perform both functions, you should opt for a combination model. Embroidery machines work like a computer with a printer attached. The difference here is that the sewing machine works as both a computer and a printer. First, you select an embroidery pattern on the machine and, depending on the size of the desired embroidery, the embroidery frame. Adjustments can be made using the screen that displays the motif. Finally, simply embroider the motif.